Do New Years resolutions really work now that you’re a parent?


As a singleton, I made numerous promises to myself that I’d commit to a set list of resolutions when the new year came. In my early twenties, it was always the gym, promising myself that if I bought myself a gym membership, I’d turn into a fitness freak with a good diet, defined abs and excellent health, but once I realised that meant I had to buy a new pair of trainers, wardrobe and had to commit a few times a week,  I soon added it to the pile of “not this year,” and that was that. As my twenties rolled on, I made endless promises that I’d learn a new language, learn to drive, brush up on an old skill, write more, save more, stop smoking, drink less, you name it, I said it and never did any of it. Now, at 32, with a 1-year-old sleeping soundly in her cot, a loving boyfriend, living by the seaside in Kent, in Ramsgate, I never thought for one second, I’d be here, ever.


With all those resolutions before, although moving into my own place at some point was a goal, living in London, I knew doing it by myself wouldn’t happen without winning the lottery, a huge inheritance fell into my lap or I turned into the next Guy Kawasaki. Meeting Sam a few years back, admittedly pretty drunk in my local one evening changed a lot of things for the good – he’s going to love this! Although getting pregnant wasn’t originally on our to-do list, and so early in our relationship, we made big decisions fast and moved down to the quiet peaceful town that is Ramsgate, a cool 87 miles from my hometown of Isleworth. Since finding out I was pregnant and Emily’s arrival, my life has changed so much, for the better too. Although I still love a glass of vino, I am learning to drive, with plans for my practical test next month, I write on this blog, which I thoroughly enjoy and I have another in the pipeline, I bake and have a small group of fans who love my sweet treats too, which is awesome and I have the happy life & family I’ve always wanted, even though I didn’t think I’d ever have kids. Crazy isn’t it? 


So now adulting as an adult, doing most of the things I wanted to do through resolutions now through my own adulting, with new years approaching, do we really need to write resolutions or does it just turn into a list and we sort of tick it off if and when we achieve them? Do I need to write resolutions for 2018 or just go with the flow? There’s so much I want to achieve now, not just for me, but for Sam and I, for Emily and I and for us three as a unit. There’s so much to see, do, achieve, believe, want, must, need, try and more and trying to write it all down on a measly piece of paper New Year’s Day is crazy. I just want to do it without having a budget, without having pressure to feel the need that I should do it. Even with the 3 weddings next year, in Wales, Surrey and London is eventful in itself, then the long overdue trip to Ireland, a weekend to Scotland and so so much more. At some point my daughter won’t be crawling so much anymore, instead, Emily will be taking the next adventure in her amazing little life and walk, run, jump, talk, laugh and more. It’s crazy. But whatever 2018 brings, with resolutions or not, I’m looking forward to what the year has in store for us. 

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