Emily got her first pair of shoes last Friday, where is my little baby?

On Friday I got Emily’s feet measured in Clark’s in Westwood Cross shopping centre. The young bloke who won the lucky part of having to deal with a moody 13 month old, who’s instant refusal to keep her feet still and the build up of crying that led to a public meltdown, I salute you. Emily just wasn’t in a good mood Friday. I couldn’t really tell you what was wrong with her, as earlier that day she had a temperature, but after some Calpol and a sleep, she perked up, being her usual crazy babbling self, only to change her mind when we stepped into Clark’s. Now I know they usually do the whole “My First Shoes” thing with a photo, but the bloke couldn’t run away fast enough, once I decided on the shoe and the light up wellies too.

Since Emily had them on her feet to she Daddy, she’s gained this huge wave of confidence, carefully strutting around the place showing off her new shoes and her delight that she’s achieved something so monumental. Before Friday, it had been a few weeks of being held up by mummy or daddy’s hands as she took giant leaps for mankind. Last week we were mainly dragged around whilst she clung onto a finger or hand, eager to start her adventure. Since Friday, she’s gained more and more confidence as she excitedly shows off her motor skills with such pride.

I can’t quite believe that we’re here already. Whilst I am immensely proud, it’s also fudging scary. My once little bubba, who was so dependent on us only a few months ago, is now taking steps and giggling as she masters the next achievement along the way. Whilst she has her moments of confidence, it has dipped once or twice, instead opting for the crawl, but who can believe we’re here hitting another amazing milestone, at 13 months of age, standing on her own two feet, walking with such ease and amazement at all that is yet to come. We didn’t do anything yesterday. She wasn’t really in the mood, mainly tiredness and teething, even after a 4 hour sleep, she just wanted to chill, but today we’re off out to church and then off to see some family. Who knows, maybe she’ll want to walk us around or stick to the pram. Whatever happens from this point forward, I’m excited for it. We all are. Soon she’ll be running, soon she’ll be talking. It’s an adventure, and I can’t wait.

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