I had a meeting in London last week and left Emily at home with her granny

I had a meeting in London for the first time last Thursday and it was weird not having my little side-kick with me. Emily, not fazed one bit by my departure, spent the morning with her granny, whilst I took the high-speed service from Ramsgate to London’s Kings Cross for a meeting in Chancery Lane.

Before I became pregnant, I worked freelance, either from home or with various days in and out of an office with a part time job in a pub, that I loved. Since I’ve had Emily, I’ve continued with the freelance work, remotely from home within the social media industry. Since my maternity ended last year, I’ve worked part time for a few people, whilst getting used to work and having a mobile baby. Fast forward 6 months and I’ve nailed the working with a baby technique and now am looking into doing it full time, still from home, so I’m with Emily, cutting out the expensive costs of childcare and working with different clients, both small and large in achieving their online social media and digital presence.

So last Thursday was a pretty big deal for me. Seeing as sleep seems to be for others at the moment and not me, not getting any the night before I travelled to london for that big meeting, didn’t make any difference. For the first time in a while, Emily slept in, whilst I was up and out of bed at 5.30 in the morning, showered, dressed, hair blown-dried, make up on, breakfast eaten and watching an episode of catch up tv before 7.30. Leaving Emily was difficult. Not that she battered an eyelid. What’s more important mummy or Sarah & Duck? But it was also nice to have a bit of me-time, sitting on the train doing some emails and listening to music without having porridge smeared on my face or singing along to Mr Tumble. I enjoyed the meeting, decided that I hated travelling in London, and excitedly rode the train home to see my baby who was thrilled when I walked in. Crying a little as if I had abandoned her and she’d only just realised.

I won’t be having much meetings in London but if and when I do, I know I can comfortably leave Emily for a few hours and that she’ll be ok. Full on respect to all those mums out there who do it when their babies are a lot younger. *Fist bump.*

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  1. It’s so nerve wracking to leave them for the first time. Well done – of course they are fine and in safe hands. I recently left mine (with her dad) overnight and I was so nervous… umm she didn’t know, she was asleep haha!


    1. Ha ha, oh wow. Well done, I don’t think I could do that just yet. I have left her for a few hours whilst out with her dad and for a few hours in the eat a friend for a drink, but I spent every 10 minutes texting and calling to check on her. X

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