Emily has a great group of friends 

Emily has a small but great group of friends. All of her friends are similar in ages and mean the world to her. It’s so lovely to see that she has a good little group of friends that she can laugh, play and learn with. Emily is incredibly lucky with the little group that she has. Whilst each of her friends develop their own little personalities, Emily is sure growing up with her own and it’s great to see how happy she is to have all these friends with bubbly personalities growing with her. Whilst she plays with Sam and I, we’ll always be her number one, but the friends that she does have means that she has a strong bond that I hope stays with her throughout her life.

Although Sam and I have friends with kids, most of them are a lot older than Emily and have little interest in a baby with limited communication and mobility skills. With Emily’s friends, she is growing up to each stage, milestone and age with each friend close by her side. 

When I moved to Ramsgate, I was really worried about making friends as I literally knew no one beyond Sam’s mates and it scared me how long it would take to meet people with similar interests as me. Thankfully with the world of the internet I managed to make a few friends online, through social networks and mummy-meetup apps. All the friends I have made since moving here, most have been made through the World Wide Web. I’m thankful for the internet because I don’t think without it, making friends would have been as easy.

Sanna & Kai

I met Sanna online through Netmums before I had moved down to Ramsgate. It was good to know I’d have someone I could talk to who was also pregnant and knew the difficulties of not knowing many people. Sanna, like me, wasn’t from from Ramsgate. Being from Finland, Sanna knew the struggles of trying to make friends without knowing anyone and whilst she did work from home and her British partner was at work, she was in the same boat and it was nice to have someone to relate too. Although Sanna has since moved to Whitstable, 21 miles away, we do still keep in contact and try and meet up as her son, Kai who is 2 days younger than Emily.

Clare & Scarlet

These two have a great bond. They’re like two peas in a pod. I met Clare last Spring through one of those new mummy apps that seemed to be all the rave at the time. Scarlet is 7 weeks younger than Emily and they’ve pretty much grown up doing everything around each other. Whilst one has mastered one skill the other has mastered another. They encourage each other to do things, babble to each other, laugh and giggle, and do the funniest things together. Emily always likes to try and escape, go on an adventure. Usually Scarlet is the lookout, enjoying some food, and fooling us, but now that Scarlet can crawl, she too is joining in with Emily’s attempt to escape. Partners in crime. It’s nice to have someone similar in age too with Clare and her husband. We both had the same taste in music growing up and get on really well.

Emma, Adam & Elliot

Emily and Adam have had a close bond since the beginning. I’ve know. Emma since I was pregnant, meeting 2 months before Emily arrived. Because of this Emily and Adam have a strong bond and she also gets on well with Elliot. Both boys are like big brothers to her. She’s silly, adventurous and if they want to be rough and tumble, she’ll want to be the same, even though most of the time, she is a little small for that. Whilst Adam has done most things before Emily, Emily hasn’t taken long to catch up.

Although I don’t see some friends as often as I’d like, what with work, their partners work shifts or being a little too far away, Emily has a good bond with her friends. I try and meet up with some friends every week, but soon I’ll be back to full time employment and that may change how often we catch up. But I do know that Emily and I have a good group of friends, no matter how often we see them, Emily has friends for life and that’s just the greatest.

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