Sleep regression, when will it end?

Emily hasn’t been sleeping throughout the night now for about five weeks. What started off with a little midnight wake up for a feed has now turned into proper sleep regression, and I’m starting to lose the will to live. I had heard about sleep regression before but I always thought it was for children under the age of one. It seems you can get it any stage in your child’s life and any one stage can last for weeks, months and sometimes a lot longer. I’m finding it really difficult. I’m a stay at home parent, currently working part time, thankfully at home, I need to try and make this house stay on top of its cleaning and household needs, try to be a good girlfriend, do the millions and millions of washing that seems to pile up daily and keep my shit together. That’s difficult with no sleep.

I do think some people don’t understand. They think I should be more put-together and that they’ve never heard of it or their child never had it. What they don’t realise is, not only is it affecting Emily’s day-to-day life, it’s really affecting mine. It’s an incredible strain, I’m tired, moody, breaking out with spots like my teenage years, my diet has gone to pot and I’m snappy. I’ve done 2 weeks of it, I’m exhausted, I can’t continue doing this for another 4 weeks or longer. Believe me, if makeup didn’t exist I wouldn’t leave the house.

When Emily was born, naturally she woke up a lot. And I don’t think this can even be put into comparison. It’s not even like she is agitated, she has a new lease for life and just wants to do everything, which makes me tired and irritable, especially with no sleep and it’s 2am. Last night, I spent so much time downstairs to let Sam sleep barely keeping my eyes open as Emily walked around the sofa and coffee table 40-50 times. It wasn’t until she climbed onto me for the 100th time that she finally gave in to sleep, but after putting her to bed, we were up once again, downstairs as she this time played with her Lego. Thing is, even with my lack of sleep, I’m so exhausted I can’t sleep. I get into bed and every thought, worry spins in and takes over. Emily makes the slightest of noise or rolls over and my eyelids ping wider awake.

Emily is irritable and tired this morning so she’s gone down for a nap and I’m here writing this post. I’ve read so many things about sleep regression but at the 4-month stage when you can ask others for help. I’m not in that position to do so when Sam works in London and is out daily from 5-5. This week he’s working everyday. I’ve just got to get on with it. I need sleep. It’s driving me insane not having any. She’s eating plenty during the day and as I work from home, I am limited as to how much I can get out and do things to keep her active amongst friends.

Has anyone got any wonder cures that can help us both?

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  1. This is so true. I’ve got one of those kids who ‘sleep regressed’ into child hood. Have checked with Drs etc, she’s mentally and physically fine, she is just a very light sleeper and – being a child – seeks a parent when she wakes (I am also a light sleeper, but don’t go shouting MUUUM or wandering haha).
    I work full time and sometimes I feel light headed with tiredness. I have to put life on hold a few days – laundry on overnight, shower and bed shortly after her at about 8pm! So sad but in her phases it’s what I need to do.


    1. How do you do it? Huge respect to you!

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