Find a home for your unwanted clothes with this new app – Gone For Good.


I’ve just signed up for a new app called Gone For Good and it really does make you feel good. Who says donating to charity doesn’t give you the feels? I don’t drive and I managed to clear out 3 bags of clothes, old toys, bits and pieces that aren’t being used. I’m a big believer in charity but sometimes handing over money directly to charity doesn’t get to the source. I don’t like phoning up to a hotline or signing over my details to a youngster with funky hair and a clipboard in the street. I can never really trust where the money is going. Advertising and marketing costs are expensive, I know I’ve worked in the industry to know how much an ad slot costs in the breaks of X Factor and it’s mind-boggling. That and the kids who go out with their clipboards earn more than most their age, taking in £12-£18ph + commission for a number of sign-ups as well. I like the idea that my pre-loved and unwanted stuff can help someone else. Charity is important but not when it feeds the fat cats of the world. 


Of the 3 bags that I cleared, 2 bags filled with clothes and 1 filled with toys, teethers, teddies, playbooks and more. All loved, worn or treasured by Emily at some point and now going to be loved by so many other people. For the heaps of stuff I cleared out, I decided upon The British Heart Foundation to receive them. I don’t have a particular favourite charity but the BHF do great things across so many spectrums with people who have heart conditions or diseases. I think everyone knows someone who has had some form of heart trouble and if my bit of charity can not only help the foundation but give some sort of love to a whole host of others, then all the better. Whilst browsing Facebook over Christmas, I came across a post by the BHF that asked if anyone had any unwanted clothes, toys, furniture or anything that they wanted to be rid of that you could donate to them, they’d send you bags that you could fill and you’d take yourself or they could be collected through an app called “Gone for Good.” The free app allows you to donate anything both small and large, including if you’re having a house clear out. 

What is Gone For Good?


It’s a smartphone app which makes it easy for people to donate unwanted goods to charity. It works by allowing donors to upload photos and basic info about their unwanted goods via the app. The system then finds a charity that will collect those items for free, from the donor’s postcode.


  • It’s a really simple app to use which helps donors donate from their mobile phones.
  • The charities role is, to accept and collect the goods from the donor and then sell those goods to raise money for whatever good cause that charity supports.
  • It’s a way of raising money for good causes.
  • Encourages people to re-use and recycle.
  • The more you donate, the more value they can secure from selling them.
  • The biggest sources of funds raised by charities are through their trading activities, accounting for over half the sales value in charity shops.

So if you have any pre-loved items or clothes that could benefit someone else. Try it out.






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