We would like more children yes, but it’s no ones business but our own

Since I’ve had Emily, there’s been non-stop questions asking when we’re going to have our next baby. It’s almost like if we don’t get ready and have our next, there won’t be time left. I can recall, as if yesterday, a few days after Emily was born was roughly around the first time that question was asked and every gurgle or milestone since, that question pops up. Not only from friends, from colleagues, from clients, from strangers, anyone that feels the need to ask are desperate to dive into your life and get the juicy gossip. Don’t people realise this question is intrusive and is no one’s business, only our own?

Ok, my reasoning is down to not having the best pregnancy and when we do decide to again, it will be in a few years. I want to be selfish and have Emily all to myself at the moment. But there are a lot of other people that have their reasons why and it’s no one’s business apart from theirs. Apparently, it’s totally fine to be this intrusive. It’s up there with being pregnant and your bump is actually not yours anymore, but anyone who wants to cop a feel. People need to be considerate of others feelings and just hush with questions that don’t concern them. I know friends who’d love to but struggled with getting pregnant in the first place, others who can’t afford another child and some who are happy with having one child. At the end of the day, whatever someone’s reasoning is, it’s up to them what they do going forward. 

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  1. This seems to be a real issue with some people. They forget that 1. a woman can not only choose whether she has kids but how many – it’s not zero or ten! And 2. having one child doesn’t mean you can have another, and it might be heartbreaking or embarrassing (gynie health) to explain why, so please don’t ask!!
    I tell people my medical history if they persist in asking now … might make them think twice about asking someone else!

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    1. People are just so rude about it. I’ve probably been asked, what 20 times about it in the last weekend. Back off! It’s no one’s business but our own but people push and push. Whatever anyone’s reasonings are, it has nothing to do with anyone else apart from the couple. It’s mind-boggling how people just assume they have the right to have an answer. Some things are personal for a reason. If we want to tell you, we would!

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