I bumped into a friend from my childhood and she lives in Ramsgate too!

How’s this for a little bizarre…. a few weeks ago, in church, a lady walked in and I instantly recognised her. Her shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes and that laugh, I knew who she was, no need to start searching Facebook to remind me of her name, I knew who it was straight away.

Funny how someone or something can trigger your memory and send you back many years. It can be anything, really anything. The lady who walked in went to my secondary school, but we went to different colleges and life happened so we lost contact. Fast forward 17 years, 87 miles from our hometown of Isleworth and here we are, both living in the same town, parents to children of our own and hadn’t a clue we both lived here until we both attended church that Sunday morning. I’ve been living here for nearly 2 years and her 7 years, we never would have bumped into each other until that morning. Small world I think some may call it. I can’t believe how small the world can be.

It’s so great having her here. I have a great group of friends already and having someone connected to my old life in Isleworth is great too. All those memories shared, the friends we knew, the school we attended and the laughs, it’s so great to know she’s here.

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