Emily had her first haircut and boy was it hard work!

Emily and I went up to visit my family the other weekend and whilst we were up there, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get Emily’s hair trimmed. As my mum is a hairdresser, I wouldn’t have anyone else cutting her hair, but because it was the all-important first hair cut, I’d only ever want my mum to do it. But, I can see why my mum doesn’t cut children’s hair everyday, only on special occasions.

Emily wouldn’t keep still. For no one. Not me, not for nana, not even for Hey Duggee or Sarah and Duck, she wants to happy about having her haircut and boy did she make it known. Screaming crying, tears streaming down her face, as I had to practically restrain her just so mum could trim the sides, tidy up the long fringe and try and make her hair less wild and more manageable. The whole hair cutting experience was traumatising for her. So much so, she had a 3-hour nap to get over it. Crazy really, she had only been up a few hours when we decided to cut her hair. Hopefully the next time that Mum cuts her hair, it won’t be difficult, traumatising, or upsetting.

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