I love my veg box from Nethergong Nurseries

Thanks to a recommendation from Clare and not being overly impressed with the vegetable produce from the supermarket of late, I decided to sign up as a new customer to Nethergong Nurseries, a company in Canterbury that lets their customers access the freshest vegetables, all grown within 10 miles of their nursery. They deliver every Thursday and offer 4 different box sizes, ranging in prices from £8-£15 with a selection of seasonal produce. If you sign up as a new customer, your first box is half price.

Nethergong Nurseries is run by the Jenkins family from Upstreet, 8 miles from Canterbury. They have a small holding and nursery at Nethergong, growing herbs and specialist vegetables in the heart of the Garden of England. Although expensive, the box is great and offers a wide range of different options, most ridiculously big in size, which would cost a fortune at the supermarket. I get a medium box, which costs £13, the first Thursday of every month. Everything within the box I use. I make soups, casseroles, plenty of amazing dishes using the best fresh ingredients available. £13 might seem like a lot of money but it lasts a few weeks and the sizes are sometimes ridiculous, you just know a huge Acorn Squash won’t be cheap in Tesco!

With so many different companies offering seasonal produce delivered, most are so expensive. Living here in Kent, I want to help support local businesses and chose Nethergong because they’re local and Lewis Jenkins is a self-employed family man, who funnily enough I related to on the sleep regression over the phone one morning. If you live in Kent and want to try something different, check them out. Their new customer offer doesn’t mean you have to sign up forever, if you not like it, you can cancel, no problem. They deliver on Thursdays and offer free delivery. Can’t really go wrong and what’s great is I get to try some produce that I wouldn’t normally buy myself. At the moment I am really into spinach. I have it in practically everything. Who knows what will be in the next box. I’m looking forward to finding out.

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