Are you prepared for Easter this year? Tesco is giving all their customers a great deal 5 weeks before Easter!

So it seems 2018 is the year that everything is done super early. Mother’s Day is on the 11th of March, yes dad’s don’t forget and Easter Sunday is on the 1st of April. Although to most it seems like we have a while to worry about it, if you have friends with kids, chances are they will probably want an egg for Easter.

Buying Easter Eggs can become expensive, especially if there are a lot of children to buy for. But in the run up to Easter, one supermarket giant has thrown an extra special curveball and is offering their customers a buy 2 and get 2 Free promotion on their medium-sized eggs promotion.

Supermarket giant Tesco is running an offer on its Easter eggs, giving customers a chance to stock up ahead of the occasion in 5 weeks. The offer launched last week, online and in their stores nationwide where you can get 4 medium sized Easter eggs for just £3. Bargain don’t you think? Egg favourited include both kids and adults’ favourites such as Rolo, Smarties, Malteasers. The offer runs until next Tuesday 27th Feb. Check out what eggs and more about the deal here.

Hurry though the offer ends next Tuesday!

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