The teething night terrors are back

After 2 weeks of semi-decent nights sleep and I thought it was pretty much over, Emily’s teeth have come back to cause more havoc. My poor little baby is experiencing it terribly. Thanks to abnesol and a lot of patience from me, we’re back to midnight wakes, screaming crying, red cheeks and the constant need to be held. Calpol and nurofen are doing little to help those sharp new milky teeth trying to claw their way through her super sensitive red swollen gums.

With 11 teeth trying to make their mark in her mouth, Emily has once again gone off food, only showing interest in her formula, a lot of water, the occasional Kiddilicious snack or a sandwich here and there. Whilst I’d like to say hopefully this will be over soon, I know we have this for at least another year on and off. First molars usually come between 12 and 16 months, canines between 16 months and 20 months and second molars between 20 months to 2 & a half years. I’m praying this is just a one off and happens once or twice over the next few weeks, for my sanity and for hers.

Here’s praying.


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  1. Sadah says:

    So well written.


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