Emily wants to run before she can walk properly

And so it began, Emily has been taking the walk world by storm. Emily is walking, fast and everywhere. That and the need to constantly climb, abseil or balance off things. It’s exciting to see her walk around everywhere, exploring and taking an interest in something new and exciting. But what goes with this amazing new world of discovery is this amazing ability to forget her feet. She’s so accidental. It’s like she’s got two left feet.

Whilst she explores each and everything with such interest, she’s also too quick not only for Sam and I but for her own good. I’m so happy she’s so mobile but I wish she’d understand to chill a little. Having eyes in the back of my head doesn’t seem to be enough anymore.

I can’t wait for summer though. Being inside, working from home with Emily is difficult. She wants to be on the laptop with me, she wants to practically be on me all the time, unless of course Minions or Sing is on, then I’m kinda a side note, but being at home all the time because of weather is restricting, but when summer comes, we can go out more. We can do more, explore more. I can take her to the beach, so she can properly feel the sand in-between her toes, the waves rushing around her feet, see all the things that nature delights us with in the park and so so much more. Until then, it’s buggy, some play area and a lot of inside activities. Had enough of this weather now, summer can’t come soon enough.

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