We went to Giovanni Fletcher’s book signing in Canterbury

If you don’t know much about Giovanna, she grew up in Essex with her Italian dad Mario, mum Kim, big sister Giorgina and little brother Mario (he was on TOWIE), and with family playing such a big part of her life it was only natural that she had always dreamed of having children of her own. Giovanna and her husband Tom Fletcher have two young sons Buzz and Buddy and pregnant with their 3rd and share glimpses of their family life through their YouTube channels and on their social media. A bestselling novelist, actress, TV presenter, vlogger and blogger, Giovanna is most importantly a mum and her pledge to spread positivity wherever she goes has earned her a vast following.

Last Thursday, Clare and I went to a book signing for Giovanna’s parenting book in Canterbury, to celebrate her number 1 bestseller Happy Mum, Happy Baby which was released last year. The book signing held at Waterstones, saw a great turnout of women, few men and babies listening to the many great tales Giovanna had to offer from her book and her life in general from bump to motherhood.

The books shares a hilarious insight into her incredible journey of pregnancy and parenthood. As a mum myself, it’s been an incredible journey so far, and it’s great to have a book that offers others an insight into how we look, how we feel and who we are. Being a mum, we are strong, protective, proud, encouraging. We feel a love like no other. We share an unique bond with millions of women out there who also are experiencing this amazing journey every day. But, as amazing as being a parent is, parenting is hard work. There are moments of weakness, moments of difficulty and sometimes being a parent can be testing. Emotionally, physically, mentally – it effects as completely, at every stage, some may admit and some may not, but we’ve all experienced it. Since Giovanna and her musician husband Tom Fletcher of McFly had their sons Buzz and Buddy, they have been sharing glimpses of their life, through podcasts, YouTube videos, Instagram posts and more. If you’ve seen any of their posts and videos, you’ll fall in love with their infectious personalities, positive outlook on life and overall happiness shared. If you’ve not, check out her YouTube channel. Their whole life, every laugh, story and joke shared, is an eye-opener into just how amazing parenthood can be.

In her amazing new book, Happy Mum, Happy Baby, she shares her own journey through parenthood and looks at being a parent today. Talking through her many experiences with her two sons, there were so many moments, that I couldn’t help laughing at, nodding in agreement that I too had been there at some stage of my journey with Emily.

So many things were discussed. But even at moments, when I hadn’t experienced it myself, there were other mothers who nodded in agreement.

Boobs – Like the very truthful eye opener about nipple shields, because one of her boys couldn’t latch on and the pain that came with it – yep, been there done that, got the spilt milk top to prove it. Or the insight into breastfeeding, perks of doing it so they won’t get sick, but always get sick, boob in public – something so natural but frowned on by some. But cabbage leaves can be a great antidote to solve the pain that comes with it.

We were on the same page about dummies – we’ve all said it, “my baby won’t have a dummy,” and then we reach a moment when we have to use a dummy to soothe our children. Giovanna hit that moment with Buzz at 4w at between midnight to 2am when he wouldn’t settle and didn’t want it from 5m and with Buddy at 8w when he wouldn’t stop screaming and crying, that she gave into giving him a dummy.

Self-soothing & settling– Both kids good at self-settling (Emily not so much!) not after a flight to Australia with Buzz. Slowly trying to get him to sleep constantly rocking him over the cot trying to get him to sleep. Buddy has been different, sleeps very well. Surrounded by teddies and self-soothe and sleeps.

Working as a stay-at-home-parent– it’s hard work. She’s a working mum with 2 kids, I can relate, having 1 and working from home. She’s juggled work – have her kids all day, writing at night when they go to bed. Went back to work after 5m, planned childcare got Buzz with Tom’s mum and found it difficult, crushing even. But she knows the the struggles of freelance (that I am), you take the opportunity because you never know when the next job will come available.

And the most important topic covered – are you the mum you thought you’d be? She thought she’d be a stay st home mum, Like her mum, but we are all full time working mums, whether we are in or out of the office, at home full time or working 4 jobs to support our kids. We’re all mums and that’s the best thing ever.

You can buy the book in store and online in most supermarkets and bookstores.

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