Parents who fail at parenting

Parenting isn’t easy. Emily is 15m and walking everywhere and as amazing as it is that she is taking those big old steps and she’s exploring the world, you need eyes everywhere- at the back of your head just doesn’t cut it anymore. Tiny humans are crazy. In a world where everything is shared constantly online, bringing up tiny humans, can gain you a lot of criticism if you don’t parent properly. Kim Khardashian and Beyoncé certainly have gained the bad parent titles recently for the sometimes silliest reasons but definitely for the most talked about.

Kim Khardashian

There are some things that shouldn’t be allowed or ever considered and the queen of pissing off just about everyone is none other than fake bum, fake everything Kim K. When you’re on the spotlight, I suppose you have to keep up a certain persona and your whole life which is played out in front of the world’s media, must be constantly under scrutiny. She’s not exactly who you want your children to look up to as their role model, judging by her route into fame. She has been accused for les,in her own sex tape, faking her marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries which was played out on her reality TV series and mot recently staging a robbery in Paris. Besides all of the above, being a bad mother counts as the number one thing that she mostly gets scrutinised for.

Admittedly I wouldn’t want to be in the limelight ever, especially on the level that Kim or any of her sisters are at, so in that sense she does manage to rise above it. Because of her celebrity status, it’s possible to say, her children are pretty recognisable if you follow gossip magazines or most national and international papers. But then, she really doesn’t help her title or bad mum when you see what she posts herself as a mother, with her children, her parenting skills and what the paparazzi captures too.

She involves her children in some of her career decisions that shouldn’t involve her children– Kim has hit the headlines more time that probably anyone else on this planet. The queen of the selfie caused uproar a few weeks ago when she shared a picture of her half naked self taken by her 4-year-old daughter.

She’s a terrible role model – She’s never been the best role model to women. Everything is sex sex sex with Kim. She’s lied about her plastic surgery (but all of her family seem to

She treats her children like fashion accessories – As if the first name “North” isn’t already ridiculous with a surname “West,” North has been in the headlines all her little life, mostly for her wardrobe. Her parents came under fire last year for allowing their daughter to go out in public in fur.

Kim’s usually too busy to help her own children – It has been captured in the past that Kim’s too busy to look after her children. Once whilst Kim was out with her sister Kourtney and their children, North fell and Kim did nothing to help, instead being more interested in her mobile phone.

Farah Abraham

Ex-teen mum Farrah became a TV reality star after appearing on MTV’s ‘16 & Pregnant,’ almost 10 years ago. She’s been no stranger to controversy surrounding her parenting styles or even life choices. Famous for the American reality show, there was little mention of her baby daddy until he was eventually identified as Derek Underwood, who was killed in a car wreck in 2008, before their daughter Sophia was born.

She has a rocky relationship with her mum – Farrah’s mum, Debra Danielson, was largely supportive of her daughter during her pregnancy and care of her granddaughter, but she has on a few occasions been known for her short temper – she was charged with domestic assault in 2010 for allegedly choking and hitting her during an argument about childcare.

She did a porn film with sex star James Deen – she claimed to also have been in a relationship with the porn star which he denies, and the video was bought by Vivid Entertainment. Some say it was staged, others not so much. Who knows what to believe but she was 21 at the time. She also claimed to be in a relationship with James Deen, which he strongly denies and just a few months after their apparent relationship, she accused his of sexual assault.

She had her own line of sex toys – yeah, you read that right. As if making extra cash from appearances at parties and strip clubs, she made her own range of sex toys based on the shape of her anatomy and penned a trilogy of erotic books.

She’s been reportedly fired from MTV– for continuing to pursue adult entertainment opportunities. Whilst MTV have no problem with her, Farrah filed a $5 million lawsuit saying she left a meeting with producers and crew feeling “harassed, humiliated and discriminated against, disrespected, ridiculed and sex shamed,” she alleges in court documents.

Alicia Silverstone

Clueless actress Alica Silverstone has come up in the press a few times for her unusual parenting techniques and bonkers advice. Posing naked for PETA on more than one occasion didn’t raise much concern, but her parenting ‘advice’ usually pisses of people and raises a lot of eyebrows. Silverstone and her musician ex-husband Christopher Jarecki share Bear, their son.

Other ridiculous parenting hacks from Alicia include:

She believes that babies shouldn’t use nappies, ever – she’s a firm believer in the practice of elimination communication. She claims she potty trained her son Bear at 6 months of age because she could read the signs that he needed to go.

Tampons are toxic and are the reasons why you won’t get pregnant – manufacturers don’t tell you what’s in their products and because of that that can upset your fertility.

Vaccines are the devil – she doesn’t believe that children should be vaccinated.

Her parenting advice book “The Kind Mama” raises more questions than gaining an army of fans – in her book she discussed potty training Bear at 6 months, pre-chewing food and her strong belief that a vegan diet can improve fertility.

Pre- masticating – chewing food for a baby who well, can’t. If birds do it it must be fine. Yep she went there. When her son was 11-months-old, Alicia did exactly that but posted the video of her chewing food and feeding it to her son mouth-to-mouth and the internet went wild, unsurprisingly.

She believes in a strict vegan diet – I find this really irritating as a parent myself. I’m happy for adults to eat a vegan diet, but young child, especially babies, I believe this should be allowed.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann

Kim Zolciak hasn’t got the best reputation in the media for her interesting posts she puts online. She’s known for being self-absorbed, but some things shouldn’t be posted, just keep it to yourself, right? So the interesting question, I suppose amongst others is what kind of parent posts certain content about her sons traumatic health status with titillating details about herself? Would that mother then post pictures of herself half naked in bikinis from her new swimwear line? Everyone already knows her for being a reality personality that will rip you to shreds if you bad mouth her, but somethings that Kim does, is really questionable.

Pimping out her daughter in exchange for gig tickets – Kim wanted John Legend tickets for her son, but definitely went the wrong way getting them. Tweeting to Legend’s wife, Chrissy Teigen, Kim tweeted to ask who her 20-year-old daughter Brielle “needed to blow” in order to make that happen. Teigen responded that tickets could happen “without the oral.” Kim got the tickets, as you’ll see in the picture above, but seriously, was that necessary?

Sharing information about her son in hospital – Kim shared details of her 4-year-old son including a picture of him lying in a hospital bed after he was viciously attached by a dog last year.

Josie Cunningham

Wannabe glamour model Josie hasn’t been in the press for a few months and I’m quite pleased. Usually she’s in the press or TV expressing her terrible views about just anything and pissing off everyone too.

She aborted her baby so she could have a nose job – the mother-of-four wanted more cosmetic surgery which is a big no no for any expectant mother so she continued with treatment at the cost of her unborn child’s life.

Sending half naked pictures to fans in exchange for gifts – pimping herself out online seems to be the norm for Josie last year when she promised fans she’d send topless pictures in exchange for gifts or household goods and other things the mother needed – fridge freezer or Chasity belt.

She set up a website to help women get pregnant and get a council house – the website was launched encouraging women to get pregnant and scrounge off the government. In something most would describe as prostitution, Josie would show desperate women how to mercy men for seedy unprotected sexual, fall pregnant and get a council house paid by us truly.

Katie Price

Katie Gets more shocking as the day goes on. She’s definitely had her moments in her journey throughout parenthood. The ex-page 3 model and now successful entrepreneur, is known for her terrible taste in men and what she does with or for her children. Since KP burst into the scenes of stardom, she was never one to be known to shy away. She has fans and haters alike all over and her famous catchphrase “never underestimate the Pricey” usually gets the press talking – not always for the right reasons though. The mum-of-five is usually criticised for her parenting techniques and it’s not surprising why.

Openly inappropriate and sexual in front of her kids– Her reality show that aired last year, saw its opening episode be a little bit too over-the-top. Katie put on a sexual display with her husband Kieran Hayley in front of her young children, and also let him “honk” her boobs.

She doesn’t know how old her kids are– She once forgot the ages of her kids, called them all “dickheads.”

Putting make up on her children – when her oldest daughter Princess Tiaamii was 2, KP dolled her up in a lot of make up and put the picture on social media. A lot of uproar and a very pissed of Peter Andre expressed concern over her parenting.

KP unmoved when her daughter was thrown from a horse – in one episode of her reality TV series, KP’s daughter was thrown from a horse and whilst everyone else was in shock, KP didn’t react.

Terrible taste in men – Katie must have a radar attracting all the knobheads of the earth, unless of course she thinks she could possibly benefit from them, she hasn’t exactly got the best taste in men.

Nadya Suleman

As if having 6 children wasn’t enough, Nadya became infamous for birthing octuplets. The controversial mother of 14 has faced a great deal of abuse and criticism for her large brood and she hasn’t exactly helped her herself in the press in recent years trying to support them.

Sought IVF treatment to become pregnant with 8 children – As if that wasn’t madness already, Nadya was already a mum to 6 children and unemployed. Can’t believe that doctors were OK with this?! She said doctors wanted to implant more in fear she’d lose most of the babies, but when headlines broke of a very heavily over-sized pregnant tummy of Nadya, the world went crazy and she quirky became victim of horrible online and offline abuse.

Welfare fraud – in 2014, she was taken to court over charges of welfare fraud, for concealing $30k in earnings from the IRS (The Inland Revenue Service).

She became a prom star to pay for her kids– Struggling to make ends meet, she ended up making a porn video and doing bikini shoots, anything to stop her family from ending up on the streets. Her short stint as a porn actress won her 4 AVN (Adult Video Network) awards.

Her financial strain saw her make toxic decisions – the media gave her the name of ‘Octomom’ so she put herself in front of the camera to earn money. The deep toxic shame and self disgust saw her take prescription drugs.

She had plastic surgery to keep money coming in – although Nadya denies spending her benefits on operations, she admits having plastic surgery. “I had a tummy tuck after the octuplets after a media outlet promised me $100,000 to pose nude.”

Jenelle Evans

If you’ve seen MTV’s Teen Mom show, Jenelle will be remembered and generally not for the right reasons.

Gets arrested a lot – thanks to her train wreck, she only has custody of 1 of her 2 sons and whilst most mums would take this as their opportunity to turn their life around, Jenelle keeps mucking up and getting arrested. Something like 15 arrests.

Pissing off just about everyone with her kids play hunting – she’s shared more photos of her sons play hunting, enraging fans who believe she’s being intentionally insensitive to the current national conversation surrounding guns and children.

She admitted doing drugs whilst pregnant with her daughter– in a recent In a recent interview on Vince Russo’s The Brand podcast, the Teen Mom star admitted she tested positive for THC—a chemical found in cannabis—in the hospital after giving birth to her daughter, Ensley, last January.

Her husband has been fired from MTV for his homophobic rants – as if being married to an abuse, terrifying person already, Jenelle’s husband David Eason showed his true colours the other week after going on a homophobic rant. They’re already known for sharing insensitive content and this definitely was the last straw for MTV who fired Eason for his despicable behaviour.

She defended her husband over his controversial tweets – “David didn’t understand how offensive people would get or how Twitter even works. Now that he realizes his voice is very strong within media/tabloids he has deactivated his account. He agrees he will keep his comments to himself from now on,” Evans told TMZ on Thursday, February 20.

Is there anyone I’ve missed out?

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