Travelling with a baby abroad


Travelling with kids can be terrifying. I heard the horror stories, I read plenty of them and I thought different when we went on holiday with Emily in September last year. Sam and I weren’t really sure how the journey was going to pan out. We assumed the worst, admittedly, and I frantically bought every remedy, ear plug, Mr Tumble series and toys to make sure the journey to and from Spain would go swimmingly. There’s plenty of images, gifs, stories of the absolute hell parents go through getting their children from A to B, sometimes from both parent and child as the journey was completed by whichever mode of transport it was to get their families where they needed to go.


Thankfully, our fears were put to one side as we got on that plane to Spain. Emily was brilliant. So brilliant, she fell asleep and slept 30 minutes into our flight. Whilst Sam had his eyes closed next to me, Emily sleeping peacefully on my lap, I felt sick as the plane took off (I hate flying). But once in the air, turbulence calmed down, Sam and I took it in turns eating our breakfast and holding Emily. She did get fidgety on occasions, the small space and legroom would annoy anyone, but the young lady next to us, a trainee teacher helped assured Emily’s jitters. Emily even slept at touchdown! What a result! She wasn’t too bad on the way back either. Her ears popped just before we touched the tarmac at Gatwick, which got her a little agitated and she didn’t like the little legroom either, but a few repeats of singing the Mr Tumble theme tune softly into her ear by yours truly seemed to work wonders.
Travelling with Emily by plane was the first time for us all. We have travelled a few times to London to visit my family but that was always by train and usually, she’s asleep by the constant motion of the train. Fast forward now that Emily is 15 months old her attitudes to certain things have changed. We’re yet to get back on a plane with her, but travelling by train is now usually filled with the need to get out and explore the train, a bit of crying, maybe a tantrum, tears, a lot of Sarah & Duck or Hey Duggee, and a shitload of patience from me.
There are far too many assumptions as to how the flight will go and the same goes for the holiday too. All I can say is, keep enough room for some patience. It’s vital for that bit and for your sanity whatever age your child is. What may work for some, might not work for you. Just go with the flow. Whatever happens, whoever stares, tuts and moans, just remember you’re only on the flight with them for a short while and then you won’t see them again.
Besides, you’re going on holiday. Enjoy it.

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