Emily is such a water baby, I want to get her into swimming


Last year with friends, Sam and  I went weekly to a swimming group in Margate. It was fun and Emily loved it. She looked so adorable in her little swimming outfit and loved kicking her little legs in the pool with daddy. But the swimming group didn’t last long, not for the little babies anyway. Unfortunately, the pool where the classes were held was cleaned one weekend and the temperature of the heated pool was a little too cold for babies under 6 months, so after a few failed notifications, we called up and got our money back.

Fast forward 11 months and Emily loves splashing around in the bath. It’s probably her most favourite time of the day. And so, I want to get her back into a swimming group. I’ve spoken to friends and we’re keen to do a group together. I loved swimming as a kid and I think Emily will love being back in the water again. It’s just finding a nice little class to do so.  Babies should learn how to swim, I think it’s really important. It’s exciting, enriching, a fun experience for everyone involved. I know people who never learnt and regret it as its instilled a sense of fear. They are too afraid of the sea, a pool and can’t do swimming lessons with their kids. I think swimming should be a vital life skill, for so many reasons.

  1. It teaches water safety– Water may be fun but it has other elements that are not so. Tragically, drowning is the third-biggest cause of accidental death among children under 5 in the UK. Learning to understand the water is more than just play time is extremely important for kids of all ages. It’s a vital safety technique that can save a life.
  2. It’s a good form of exercise– Childhood obesity is a worldwide problem. In a day and age where kids are more interested in technology than exercise, swimming is a great way of getting children exercising from a young age. It’s a physical work-out, strengthening vital organs and development of the brain. And a bonus, you can burn calories like a work-out too.
  3. Confidence booster– As I mentioned earlier, fear of water is such a big thing amongst a lot of adults. Introducing water at a young age helps to prevent this in later life. Over time, children can feel at ease in the water which stays with them for life.
  4. Swimming is relaxing – I’ve always found swimming therapeutic. I felt so at ease in the water. I felt safe. Warm water relaxes anyone, including small children, and swimming also stimulates their appetite; for you, the good news is improved sleeping and eating patterns.
  5. It can be a social activity– It’s a great way to meet new people, make new friends, have a social activity that allows you and your child to build vital new skills and learn something that is so important in life.

Hopefully, I can find a class that Emily will enjoy and then when summer hits we can do more of it together with Sam too. Also, I look forward to Emily enjoying more and more as she gets older. Hopefully, she’ll enjoy it as much as I did when I was younger.



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