I Want To Make Swimming More Of Emily’s Life

After a slight disappointing start with swimming for Emily earlier on thanks to the temperature at the pool where the classes were in the early stages of her little life, I’m still not giving up on my little water baby. Emily loves the bath. It’s almost, if not probably, the best time of day for her. She loves the water. Full on loves it. And I think it’s very important to have a love for the water and not a fear.

Last week it was one of my friends birthday, Emma who I have known since school and lives in Ramsgate also, suggested that we’d go swimming with a friend and all our kids for her birthday last Wednesday. It was nice, a little chilly in the pool and quite busy but Emily loved it. Admittedly, we weren’t in the pool long, probably 30-35 minutes, but the time we were in the pool, Emily loved it. I won’t rave about the pool, Hartsdown in Margate, there’s nothing massively wrong with it, but there wasn’t anything amazingly different to the other great pools I’ve heard plenty about in the area. Hopefully the pool in Ramsgate is a little better when we go this week.

I hope Emily continues to enjoy swimming. Although to her it’s only a fun style of activity, or a exaggerated walk in the park, swimming does have plenty of benefits and I hope, living so close to the sea, it makes her more cautious of the sea. Something I suppose will grow and be learnt over time. By making it a weekly activity, she’ll hopefully eventually have a proper interest in it, not just on a physics, activity level but for safety reasons too.

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