My Daughter Isn’t In Dresses, So What?

Emily looks gorgeous in dresses, but no she doesn’t wear them all the time. This seems to be a problem for some people, not naming names, that I don’t dress her in dresses because I want her to just have fun. So I felt the need to write something, it shouldn’t bother me, but it does, a little. When I’m out, I see a lot of young children in play areas wearing practical clothing, but more often than none, I see a lot of young girls wearing dresses. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with dressing your child in a dress and this is not something arguing against that but there should be a certain occasion for children under a certain age to wear what is practical. At a party wearing a dress is fine, or in a social situation where play isn’t really an option and here’s the reason – it’s so bloody impractical. I’ve seen it so many times, young girls spending ages trying to play and have fun but are quite restricted because their parents put them in some cutesy frilly outfit. It’s ridiculous.

I think there’s far too many peoples opinions jumping in on what’s right and what’s wrong in this current world. Emily doesn’t wear dresses and it makes sense that she doesn’t. There are a few people that somehow think that she isn’t a girl because she’s in a pair of dungarees instead of a girly outfit, but I want Emily to full on muck out if she wants to. If we are at the park and there is a puddle she wants to jump in or she wants to run free without care in the world, then I want her to do it. I don’t want her to feel restricted because of what she’s wearing. Whatever she wears she looks great in and it suits her but she should also be allowed to have fun in this amazing adventure that she’s in. There are days even that she insists on walking around in her nappy and her wellies indoors (they light up) and she’s the happiest child in the world playing her games, exploring and figuring out the next adventure.

Let kids be that, kids. They should be having fun and enjoying the moment and not worrying about constantly pulling up their tights or being shouted at that they spilled a little a Fruit Shoot on their River Island Jumper.

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  1. My five year old wasn’t that into dresses, but now she likes to wear a dress now and then. I just ‘go with the flow’… :). Thanks for sharing!

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