Why the CBeebies iPlayer app is a lifesaver

I fully stand by my love of iPads and tablets when out and needing to keep little ones quiet at the table. I had mentioned it previously that I have my iPad on the go because of work but it’s also a good idea to have it on me because sometimes, keeping kids quiet can be a little difficult. Emily is a little too young for colouring in and that barely keeps her attention anyway unless she’s actually eating the crayon, pencil or menu in question, so there should be something to keep her mind distracted and the iPad is brilliant for that.

I already have enough apps to keep her mind entertained, but I won’t lie, the app that has to be mentioned is the CBeebies iPlayer app. It’s a children’s version of the BBC iPlayer app, without running the risk of accidentally falling onto a sex scene, drugs or violence. She has all her favourite tv programs readily available under a profile set up just for her, with her preferences and it’s great. She can watch Hey Duggee one minute, Sarah and Duck the next or Topsy and Tim any moment after. There’s no restrictions and it’s all therefor her, whenever she needs. It’s brilliant to Bebe something so handy and readily available. Children have such an easy access to a world of things we don’t want them to see, but so many parents allow their little ones to watch endless amounts of JoJo, Zoella and gosh knows what else adverts on YouTube not realising the risk of the dangerous content out there available. I work in social media and have seen it too often about security online and there should be more. Knowing that Emily is secure with her app is perfect and I feel happy knowing she’s secure in what she’s watching and not exposed to a world she doesn’t need to know about.

What’s your views on tablets in general, I’m interested to now?

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  1. I have to agree with this post. I actually always hated ipads and phones and that kind of thing but since having my son it’s actually been a life saver. My son is a full time wheelchair user so when my other kids are doing things like play areas which he can’t join in with, his tablet is an absolute life saver so that he is occupied rather than him just sat bored watching his siblings play. And the CBeebies app is his absolute fave!


    1. That’s great. What is his favourite show?


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