Dribble Fever Has Arrived

As if having a fever for 24 hours wasn’t enough earlier this week, Emily’s teeth have decided to drop in for a bit of a party too. Now, thanks to the various few teeth trying to claw their way in, another level of dribbling has entered the building too. And I mean a lot. Dribbling when Emily was smaller was never really a big deal, but since these few teeth are making their entrance they obviously have to do it in style. Everything is being dribbled over, soaked, drenched in a huge amount of clear liquid and it’s everywhere. It’s amazing how a tiny human can produce this much saliva.

With the saliva, her gums are really sore and she’s only interested in cold hard foods once again, including milk ice lollies, cucumber and a lot of water. I hope all her teeth come soon as I don’t like seeing how much it takes out of her. And would be great to see her eating properly again.

Here’s hoping it doesn’t last too long.

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