We Are huge Hey Duggee Fans, But Why Is The Merchandise So Ridiculously Expensive

This household is a big old group of Hey Duggee lovers. We love it. Like really love it. There’s very few programs, admittedly on tv that have that feel good factor and this show delivers and yes I am talking about a children’s program.

Emily has been watching it all her tiny life. I used to have it on as a distraction when she was teeny tiny, sitting in her bouncer as a good noise to feel safe with, whilst I tried to get on with keeping the house looking normal, so it’s always been a part of life for us. And a happy one too. If you’ve ever seen the show you’ll know for yourself it’s a happy, fun, colourful program that touches down on educational subjects, emotional bits and life in general for our little growing developing children.

And whilst we love love love the show, there’s a few things that I don’t. Hear me out… Alongside our obsession, Emily has some books and toys thanks to friends and family buying her some characters from the show, she has a few t-shirts and also the PJs which admittedly are a little too long but she’ll grow into them in a few months. But whilst all this fun merchandise is available, there are some, ridiculous price tags that go with some of them. For example, recently the Hey Duggee Facebook page announced the new arrival of the Hey Duggee bed set, which at first, looking over the post, I wanted. Possibly more so than Emily but I wanted it. She’d love it, of course she would, so I clicked on the link and then, oh, you have got to be kidding me – the price tag said £25 for a toddler bed set. Erm, say what? After a lot of parents complaining of the price, a few link-clicks later, the price seemed to have dropped to £21 on Amazon and £17 in other outlets. Who on earth is going to pay that?

At Christmas there seemed to be a wave of parents trying anything and everything to get a hold of certain Hey Duggee merchandise. CBeebies we’re running competitions daily where anyone could win a hamper on their Facebook and Instagram accounts and other parents were buying truckloads of merchandise and then selling it for extortionate prices online, some at unbelievable mind-boggling prices on eBay. I spoke to one parent who said she had paid 3x the price for a Hey Duggee talking doll (they retailed at £24.99) just so she could make her son happy at Christmas. What the hell is wrong with people?

Whilst we do love the show, Emily doesn’t need the bed set or any of the other overly priced merchandise. She’s happy with the toys she has and if she wants any of the other bits and pieces, I’ll have a look around and do my research. Stupidly some parents will go above and beyond to please their children, but some things just don’t need those price tags.

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