Muscle Food Review

If you buy the groceries in your house, you’ll know that buying any type of meat is normally quite expensive. It doesn’t matter where you shop, if you have a growing family, buying weekly shopping is expensive. I buy the food in this house and cook too. As you can tell from this blog I’m a bit of a foodie and love baking too. With Sam being a big eater, who loves his food, we go through quite a lot of food in this house, so quality for me is always a big deal. But finding it st an affordable price is nigh-on impossible.

In recent months, I’ve not been very impressed with supermarket meat. I used do my online shopping with Tesco but on a few occasions, the meat hasn’t been that great, the expiry date too soon, even when requested otherwise, or smells off once opened. I hate wasting food, it’s a huge pet hate and if I can avoid it, I’ll do my best to use everything in some shape or form. Whilst supermarket meat has been questionable, the price tag with it, has been rather questionable. Even when I do my shop, I rarely stick to one supermarket as I find I can save more if I shop at three instead of one (Aldi, Asda and Tesco). But with all those supermarkets taken into account, meat from all three sometimes aren’t the best quality.

So last year whilst browsing the millions of videos on Facebook, Sam fell upon a video from Muscle Food offering a food hamper worth £80 for just £55. It seemed too good to be true and after plenty of research from yours truly, we decided a delivery date and took the plunge, I mean what harm could it do? As they’re called Muscle Food, they offer lean meat for those who like to get fit or eat a healthy balanced diet. Honestly most of the deals on their website is geared towards the gym bunnies, the range of products offered is pretty good. You’ll can buy pretty much any type of food on their website, whether your a meat eater or a veggie, you can get your food delivered to you on a day you want and it can last a long time.


The food arrived on the day we wanted with a delivery text a few hours before stating a particular time. It arrived in a compact box and was super heavy, but then we had ordered a lot of meat so that wasn’t unsurprising.

As with any food delivery, involving meat and saving money, Sam wants to look at the delivery when he gets home, so I took it all out of the box, took a photo and put it in the fridge before diving it up later, and writing up my meal plan.

Taking each packet out of the box, it did all look odd. They vacuum pack most of their food, like their beef mince, chicken fillets and beef steaks. So be warned the sirloin steak will appear small but after opening and letting it defrost, it will soon go back to its right size. It must be noted that each vacuum packed meat has a sulphur smell which is unusual and a little sickly. I’d recommend you take the meat out of the vacuum packs and put into sealed containers. The whole package, once fully inspected by Sam, filled up the freezer rather quickly.

Considering the price and the amount of food, I compared to Tesco and we saved about £30 over 2 months. The quality of food is great but we were fussy about a few items within the order. Although most of the meat cooked really well and the steak was to die for, it would fill you up and sometimes sit heavy on your stomach if eating a little too much.


  • Most of the meat is GMO free, free range and Freedom Food RSPCA monitored
  • Helpful in losing weight or gaining muscle
  • Good for lean meat
  • Good value compared to the supermarket


  • Sulphate smell on most meat packs but goes after a short while
  • Ridiculous with the marketing, bit pushy
  • You have to spend a minimum of £25 before you can’t opt for delivery even with special promotions
  • Sausages, beef mince and chicken burgers are a huge disappointment
  • Meat can sit heavy on your stomach and make you feel quite ill if you eat too much.

Since last year we haven’t bought further with Muscle Food, we were a little disappointed with a pack of chicken fillets coming out of a sealed tub in the freezer smelling off when it was in date. For this reason we had contacted the customer services and heard nothing back so chose against using them again. Overall for value, it wasn’t bad and the selection is good. If you’re losing weight this is amazing, same goes for building muscle. And it’s definitely good if you want to stock up and feed your family over a large period of time.

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