Advice for new mums…

Honestly, I’m probably not the best person to give advice on having a baby and what happens next as I’ve only had one baby, a baby, my baby, little Emily who isn’t so little anymore, but in the eyes of just about most, is very little, but I do think there should be some kind of basic area of things to know or look out for when you become a mum because, honestly most of the stuff you said you wouldn’t do, you end up doing, anyway take this post as you will, it’s not the be all and end all, but it’s kinda some things we just think as new mums should be known.

“The After Birth Bit”

There is literally nothing like bringing your baby home for the first time. It is the most daunting, scariest, worrying thing but amazing moment ever. You give birth and then all of a sudden you’re kinda told to leave the hospital and voila, here’s your baby, bye! It all seems so amazingly crazy but that’s literally how it happens. There is no manual, no how-to guide, it’s literally, your baby pops out and see ya later. That’s it. Good luck on your new life as parents.

“The Few Days After”

Your baby will poo, sleep and eat so much. Like ridiculous amounts. You will spend your days trying to figure out how one tiny little human can produce the amount of poop your baby can and wonder also if that’s just your child or actually an actual thing new babies do and why isn’t this bit talked about more. Your world will literally turn upside down. You find yourself spending your days changing nappies, washing bottles or pump parts, doing endless and I mean endless amounts of laundry, wishing that you had spent your pre-baby life sleeping all the time because this can’t be it, can it?!

“Sleep Deprivation”

It’s a thing. You hate everyone for it and it’s still a thing. Whilst your beautiful bundle of joy sleeps so perfectly in their cot, you will look like shite and this is it. It’s not it forever, but it’s it, for now and it’s crap. Sorry, but it is. It’s nothing like whatever anyone has told you. You could have slept throughout your pregnancy but nothing quite prepares you for the little amount of sleep that you actually get. It does kinda wear off though, kinda.

“Sleep Deprivation and Tiredness are 2 Different Things”

It’s not a joke, being tired and being sleep deprived are 2 very different things. You will spend a lot of time wondering in between places for the first few weeks. It’s a serious culture shock. Whilst baby may look amazingly perfect and clean, you may look like shit and it stays until that routine thing kicks in. Time sort of just rolls into one. But like I said, it goes, and then it’s all good. So don’t worry. Let’s hope your baby sleeps properly soon and isn’t a night owl. Ha, sorry.

“Google Becomes Your Friend For The Wrong Reasons”

Stop googling if your baby’s black-tar-poo is normal for the week, because it is and if your baby crapping this much is normal too, because it is. Sorry. Any question you’ll ask Google should only be done under supervision. I’ve done it plenty of times, and ended up with the answers I didn’t want. Like remember those times you may have asked Google if your headache is something serious and it told you had a brain tumour, yeah, it’s like that but with more worry, hormones, sleep-deprivation and a crying baby. So not worth it. Call your GP or 111 if you’re worried.

“Take advice your parents and friends with a pinch of salt”

I got a lot of great advice from family and friends, but take it with a pinch of salt. The first few months you pretty much rely on whatever they can give you because you feel like you really need the guidance, or you’re just lazy from lack of sleep, but you’re a mother now and you’ll know soon after, you’ll learn. Do what works for you. You know that thing when people say you don’t know a child like your own, or something like that, well it’s true. You’ll start to learn what’s right and what’s not for your little one and both of you will grow together learning through all the stages. Dad’s will too. It will then become routine and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do all this in the first place.

“Don’t underestimate your gut feeling”

Similar to the point above, go with your gut. It’s there for a reason. All the advice you get will be helpful at different stages, you just figure what’s right for you and stick with it or make it your own. Be confident that you’re raising your child the best you know how, even when some moments it doesn’t feel like it.

“Enjoy every moment”

Honestly it’s one of the most testing, crazy, scary, daunting, weird, emotional, head-fuck moments of your life, but it’s the best, honestly. Even with the sleepless nights, crazy teething moments, tears, upsets, colic, night terrors and whatever else that’s got to be thrown at you, enjoy every God-damn moment because their journey in life goes by so friggin quick it’s fucking scary. No lie. One minute they’re tiny little dolls in your arms and the next, they’re throwing themselves off bouncy castles up again big kids screaming with laughter.

But most of all… Remember, you’re an awesome mum.

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