Anyone else’s child obsessed with The Boss Baby?

I bought the Baby Boss dvd last month after my sister said we had to watch it. And what to do you know, Emily loved it. Like a lot. She’s totally obsessed and it seems she’s not the only child who is. Ok. So we don’t access to the mini series on our TV with our Sky package and maybe that’s a good thing but we do watch it at least once a day and she is so happy with it.

Honestly, I didn’t think she’d like it, because there’s a lot of talking and only a few weeks before she was obsessed with the Minions, who let’s be honest, don’t say anything that anyone understands unless of course you are a minion! But Boss Baby was put on and she loved it. She’ll happily sit there in pure amazement watching it and having the best time. We’ve watched it a lot now and Sam’s seen it too, and he even liked it.

Is anyone else’s kids obsessed?

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