I can’t believe how quick the last few weeks have gone…

Where has the time gone? No, seriously, where has it gone? It’s already been a fortnight since Jane’s funeral, which time has just flown by since, and now in less than 2 weeks it will be Emily’s christening. The event I’ve been planning since January, yes I’m a little bit of an organised freak, and it’s nearly here. Seriously, where has the last 5 months gone?

Whilst I magically try and fit everything into my already jam-packed days, I’ve now got to sort out the food and last few bits for the day itself. Originally we knew how many were coming but after seeing family and friends that we hadn’t seen for a while st the funeral, we invited more, but what do you know, I’ve lost the original confirmed list and haven’t a clue how many are actually coming now so we’re currently at 53 and I suppose have to piece together the rest of the jigsaw later.

I’m nervously excited for the day. It will be lovely to have family and friends down for a happy occasion after Jane’s funeral. Although a lovely turnout and day, it still was a sad one and she’s greatly missed. It will be nice for my niece to meet Emily’s cousins and my friends children. For my sister to finally meet my friends too that I speak fondly of and everyone to celebrate together.

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