The Night Terrors are a nightmare

As if teething wasn’t enough, my little munchkin is now starting to experience the not-so-nice, night terrors. Although not uncommon and usually only lasting a few minutes at a time, it freaks her out so much that she just wakes up and my sleep gets affected too. Like last night, I probably went to bed just before midnight, a rarity for us, yet Emily and I were up at 3-6am which resulted in Emily having some milk and watching The Boss Baby (for the hundredth time) and me manically cleaning the kitchen, hanging up the washing and peeling potatoes (don’t)!

Night terrors suck. Thankfully she’s not the only child that seems to be going through them at the moment as a few friend’s children seem to be experiencing them at the moment and they are known to affect up to 6% of children, but they still suck. She doesn’t seem to remember them or show much signs of them after she’s had them but it’s still unpleasant to see how upset it gets her when it does happen. It’s so horrible to see her panicky, scared, scream and cry. I know that now that she’s getting older this will become more common with nightmares but still I hate to see her confused and disoriented.

If you’d like to find out more about night terrors, visit the The Baby Sleep Site.

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