Only a few days to go before Emily’s Christening

Emily’s Christening is in less than a few days and this week has been crazy with work, keeping Emily active and busy as well as doing a million other things that I didn’t really need to add to my week but had to do anyway. On top of that, obviously I decided to do the food again for a large crowd. Argh, I’m a nightmare but I, saving ourselves a lot of cash, will make good honest food for all that will attend and it won’t be basic party food but something everyone can enjoy on the day.

As I may have mentioned in past blog posts, I’m a little bit crazy when it comes to organisation. Back in January we decided when we were going to get Emily christened in June, which is of course this Saturday – where did that time go? Six months in advance I was planning the guest list, what style invitations we were getting, where we were to hold the reception, what food we’d choose for the buffet, or what I’d be cooking, what entertainment we’d be having, who were going to be the godparents – so much to organise and plan and I had lots of time to do it in.

Now we’re dangerously close and I apologise to my friends and family, if I’m a little crazy for the next few days, there’s a reason!

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