Happy Father’s Day Sam x

A few years ago, I couldn’t imagine being where I am today. A few years ago I don’t think you did either. But something changed when we found out we were pregnant in April 2016 and that moment changed our lives forever. Roll forward to this day, the 17th June 2018 and our beautiful, adventurous, crazy, full of laughter, curly dark-haired missy Moo is 18 months and is part of our amazing adventure as parents. Who’d have thought it? Crazy isn’t it? But it’s great, even with the teething pains and night terrors that occur every now and again.

Today is an important day, not just for us but for the millions of dads and mums who take on that role too, to celebrate how much dad’s, daddies, grandad’s, great-grandad’s mean to us. Father’s Day is t just a day for dad’s to get more stuff, it’s to honour them and that is today.

Emily is very lucky to have a daddy like you and I’m very lucky to have a partner who is a great dad. Today this post is dedicated to you, Sam Castle. Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for being you. Emily is too young to say it herself but she loves you very much. She is, after all your little girl and you’re the only man in her life. You work hard to provide a roof over our heads and make sure she has the best in her life. You’re the only one who can do bedtime and get the response you do. Something I can’t nor will be able to ever do.

You are the best. You are Emily’s best and mine too. Thanks for being you. Thanks for being there, making laughter, playing dinosaur, playing lions, loving my food, freaking out at Emily’s yoghurt moments and being chief farter, I mean father.

We love you Sam. Happy Father’s Day. xx

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