I love Ramsgate

If you haven’t visited Ramsgate yet, why the heck not? Ramsgate is a beauty and home to the only Royal harbour in the country. To add to that it’s next door to a glorious sandy beach. Honestly it’s gorgeous and you have to check it out. Ok, so the high street isn’t great, but with the world of online shopping, a surviving high street can be limited when there’s a busy shopping centre a 10 minutes drive away. But people don’t come to Ramsgate to go to the high street and check out the shops they come because it’s a hidden gem surrounded by other famous places like Broadstairs and the overrated Dreamland in Margate.

Ok, so we have a massive Wetherspoons, the biggest in the country or Europe as some will proclaim, with every news outlet causing a stir about the positives and negatives last year but seriously, if you’re just coming to Ramsgate because of Wetherspoons, you’re truly missing a trick.

This place is rich in history, historians would go crazy explaining what’s happened here. Augustus Pugin, the Gothic Revivalist who designed the interior of the Houses of Parliament, lived here in the 1849s and put some of Ramsgate’s most impressive buildings here too, including the Grange, a large house he built himself and St Augustine’s Church which is a place of beauty. St Augustine actually was a missionary who landed nearby in AD597.

If you go to the harbour, the waterside is surrounded by red brick arches full of quirky little cafes and boutique shops which is usually bustling when the sun is out, even when it’s not. Each one looks out onto the shimmering marina full of amazing boats, yachts and some people call home. The harbour is protected by a long pier which at the end has the famous Royal Brasserie, somewhere that seriously needs to sort out their step-free access so we can go one weekend and soak up the amazing views of the sea and town one day. Most people fish off the pier or stare out across the beauty coastline. On some clear days you can see as far as France.

I don’t care what anyone says Margate and Broadstairs maybe great but Ramsgate is better. I hope with the summer that’s coming up and the tourism that the likes of Wetherspoons will receive, means the council and local developers pump more cash into the many opportunities available here.

If you do plan on visiting our brilliant town, we’re only an hour and 15 minutes away on the fast South Eastern train service from Kings Cross and a 15 minute walk to the harbour. There’s so many greats things here and you should definitely consider coming here in the summer.

Here’s my top reasons to visit Ramsgate:

The Beach

We have a proper sandy beach -Ramsgate Main Sands- not a pebbled beach like Brighton, a proper dig-your-toes-in sand castle beach. It’s popular with families, with rides for children with clean, safe bathing water. The high chalk cliffs are adjacent to the picturesque Royal Harbour and marina with plenty of options for fish and chips, ice cream and coffee.

Ramsgate Tunnels

These tunnels are part of history. The tour takes you underground unlock the story of a hidden underground city which evolved from the largest and only known Civilian Deep Shelter Air Raid Precaution scheme authorised by Central Government. The Ramsgate Tunnels comprise a former Victorian railway tunnel and two and a half miles of Deep Shelter Air Raid Precaution tunnels with entrances around the town.

St. Augustine’s Church

St Augustine’s Church or the Shrine of St Augustine of Canterbury is a Roman Catholic Church in Ramsgate, Kent. This was the personal church of Augustus Pugin who I mentioned earlier in this post, a renowned 19th century architect, designer and reformer. His sons completed many of his designs after his death. This is the site where Pugin is buried, in a vault beneath the chantry chapel he designed, alongside many members of his family. The church is stunning and a beautiful attraction here in Ramsgate only a 10 minute walk from the harbour near Government Acre.

The Sailor’s Church

The Sailors Church is a free admission place of worship built in the mid 19th century to minister to the the men and boys who fished out of Ramsgate, and to provide accommodation for the fishing apprentices (also known as Smack Boys) and emergency space for shipwrecked sailors. The church itself is essentially rectangular and occupies the ground floor of the three-floor building. The rooms above, and the building next door, originally served as living quarters. The interior of the church is quite plain. Traditionally, the congregation was made up of fishermen and their families, but today it is a community representing the working harbour (mostly pleasure vessels, with a small number of fishing boats), the port and the neighbourhood.

The Granville Theatre

The Granville Theatre located on the east cliff, is a big screen cinema where tickets are as cheap as £4 with celebrated actress Brenda Blethyn as a patron of our theatre. The Theatre is located in Victoria Parade, Ramsgate, Kent, and is the town’s sole multi-purpose entertainment venue. The theatre derived its name from the Granville Hotel, Ramsgate opposite.

King George VI Memorial Park

The beautiful park is situated high on the chalky cliffs between Ramsgate and Broadstairs. This park is beautiful and overlooks the sea. There’s plenty to do with the children’s play area, plenty of walking routes and a gorgeous cafe and conservatory if you fancy some afternoon tea. It’s huge open space is a firm favourite with children, adults and dog walkers and even hosts an annual pugathon every May!

These are just some of the great things about Ramsgate and if you do want to visit, definitely come down for a few days. There’s so many great things here. Visit http://www.visitramsgate.co.uk for more information.

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