A new game to help reduce anxiety? Sign me up!

Anxiety if you’ve ever experienced it, is unpleasant. It can affect people in different ways, at different times, can last a moment, or a lot longer and can be due to a number of different factors like work, relationships, financial worries and more. I’ve experienced anxiety for a number of years but have managed it over the last few since I’ve had Emily. But I know it’s something I’ll have all my life, when those butterflies kick in, usually it starts and the worry begins.

In recent years there’s been a better support system for those who experience mental health issues and anxiety. Which annoyingly when I needed it most as a kid, wasn’t the case, but thankfully there’s a lot more support for children, young adults and all ages now, especially in the world of the internet and social media. That’s why it’s great to hear about up and coming services, products and games that can help support players who suffer from mental health issues.

SmashET is an upcoming game from Winsche Studios that has features that have been scientifically proven to help reduce anxiety. This new gaming experience is unlike any other video game out there. A lot of my friends children and/or partners play video games and many of the parents say how addicted their child is to the video screen, some spending hours upon hours playing video games rather than enjoying the fresh air and sunshine outside. Playing video games could not only be an annoyance on a social aspect with family and friends, but can sometimes go beyond being just a hobby, becoming an increasing factor in how often it’s played and have an intense impact on mental health. Games whichever the category the genre falls under can take over gamers lives, skipping everyday activities which can have negative consequences.

SmashET is uniquely designed to provide hours of engagement and stimulation, together with anxiety relieving monaural beats. Their aim is to address the problem faced by today’s society.

Recent studies carried by Leila Chaieb and colleagues for the US National Library of Medicine found that monaural beats are more effective than binaural beats.

Responses for the individual beat frequencies, positive effects on state anxiety were observed for all monaural beat conditions compared to control stimulation,” the report reads.

First time in gaming history developer introduces features that have been scientifically proven to help reduce anxieties. Unmatched mix by most other games on the market.

smashET boats several breakthrough features:

  • Monaural Beats – 5 times more effective than binaural beats, will help relieve anxiety
  • Remastered Classic – the game inspiration was Apple founders, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak’s first game made, Breakout. Together with Breakout mechanics, the characters designs are influenced by the Angry Birds
  • 5000 Gameplay Scenarios – state-of-the-art AI will be responsible to learn player’s game playing skills and adapt difficulty accordingly
  • Scalability – due to the game nature and its flow, smashET will be available on mobile, console and computers

Adam Winsche, Studios funder said;

Kickstarter is the ideal platform to launch our first game, smashET. The title is aimed to serve society and what better place for that than Kickstarter. This is new, innovative product, new company and new way to help people suffering from anxiety. By supporting the campaign, people will be a part of something monumental.

The 2D action-adventure game features hostile alien invasion on earth. Players sends cute monsters up with a movable trampoline with aim to deliver as much damage to alien spaceships. The end goal is to save all of the 100 landmarks and destroy all spaceships.

Whilst some may read this as “not another video game,” mark my words this hasn’t just been created to add to the many other video games that are available. Winsche Studios have thoroughly researched every point, stage, beat etc to help target stages related to anxiety levels and general well-being. The developers have consulted and worked with scientists to deliver the best possible game and experience.

In just a few days, 2 to be exact Winsche Studios are launching a Kickstarter campaign where the powers of crowdsourcing will help bring SmashET to the world. The game which is set to launch this September will be available on PC and iOS, will be available on PS4 and Xbox a month after and expected to be available on Android by next summer.

To find out more about SmashET and Winsche studios visit their website http://winsche.com

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