Newington Rocks, literally!

Last Saturday, Sam, Emily and I went for the first time to Newington Rocks, an afternoon of live music, food, fun and more for all the family hosted by Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate. For the last few years I’ve heard great things about this family event, from friends, neighbours, people on Facebook and from my house, which isn’t too far from the school. It started 3 years ago when I was pregnant. That summer was hot, very hot and carrying an active baby in the sweltering heat put me off the idea of an event in the sun and last year Emily was a little too small to join in, but this year was very different!

Amongst the huge fields, a couple hundred people sit with their picnics, cold drinks, sitting in the hot sun, the breeze cooling them slightly, as music plays in the background. Whilst the band play songs, kids of all ages weave their way through the crowd, laughing, playing, running to the few spots of entertainment available. The few rides on offer closest to the entrance are £2 each allowing kids to bounce, play and excite for 5 minutes each.

We only stayed for half hour, even though a few of our friends were there set up with their picnics, Emily was just a little too young. If you’re wanting to sit and relax, unfortunately with young kids that’s not a possibility. The fields are large, the crowds big and accidents could happen, it’s so easy to lose sight of your child, next year or the year after may be better for her. All you need to do is bring your own picnic (not BBQ’s as they’re not permitted) but you can buy food and drinks if you forget and it only costs £1pp where all the profits are donated to The Pilgrims Hospice.

We’ll definitely go next year prepared with a picnic, a wind shield, drinks and meet a group of friends. It’s on for 6 hours and looks like fun for all the family.

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