A good walk for little legs

A few days ago after a morning meeting, Emily and I met Clare and Scarlet for a few hours. We had decided the day before that we’d walk along Government Acre, letting our little ones run free, then pop by the boating pool for a cuppa, hoping that the long walk would have an affect, but it didn’t. The plan slightly changed on the day and our destination became the Sir Stanley Grey pub on Pegwell Road in Pegwell Village, via a gorgeous little park perfect for Emily and Scarlet.

The weather had been boiling hot in the morning, but this had gradually changed throughout the afternoon, not that I was complaining of the wind, quite refreshing in this heatwave to be honest. Emily ran the course of Government Acre whilst Scarlet watched in her pram. Government Acre if you’re unfamiliar is a beautiful stretch of land with a long walkway overlooking the sea. The views are stunning and sometimes you can see France. It’s a popular area for all ages, many youngsters frequent the area to play sports or get beach-body ready whilst feeling totally relaxed and at peace in the surroundings.

On the other side of the Royal Esplanade is a gorgeous quiet little park perfect for little people. The climbing frame was the right heigh for Emily as she enjoyed climbing up, walking across, going up and down the slide or walking up and down the stairs, whilst Scarlet enjoyed her favourite park pastime – the swings.

From there we walked to the Stanley Grey, a lovely pub and restaurant that overlooks Pegwell Bay and it’s a lovely place if you haven’t been before.

The Stanley Grey pub is in Pegwell village, a tiny little village overlooking a stunning bay. One of the better Thorley Taverns pubs in Thanet, this pub serves a selection of hot and cot dishes for all the family, as well as hot and cold drinks to suit every tastebud.

Thorley Taverns own 20 pubs across Kent, but only a few offer stunning coastal views and The Stanley Grey is definitely one of them. The Stanley Grey is opposite wedding venue favourite The Pegwell Bay Hotel and it’s recent opening of an activity area for young kids and a proper place for families to sit without being cramped outside on their lovely but small balcony above, is a definite bonus.

We had heard about the opening of the new basement area but ‘summer’ and ‘new’ usually means packed, but a Tuesday lunchtime seemed to be a perfect time to let our girls run around, explore, laugh and sit down to eat. Only downside to that was there no umbrellas for the tables – my shoulders got some sun and the girls were too hot when they sat down to eat.

There was a good selection as always on the menu, the children’s menu was a good portion size at £5 each without drinks which can up the expensive. Emily had fish fingers, skin-on fries and peas, but she only managed 3 fish finger, whilst Scarlet had some peas.

Clare shared a cheese & baked beans jacket potato, whilst I naughtily had a Brie, bacon & cranberry sauce sandwich, it was yummy but very filling. A pot of tea, a fruit shoot, a kids meal and a sandwich came to just over £15, so if you’re looking to go as a family, expect to pay a lot.

Food prices aside, the view is great, the weather warm and there’s a fair bit for the kids to run around and do. There’s a large seating area and really cute beach huts named with popular Kentish coastal towns along the side that are sheltered.

The day was lovely, we walked a lot, our girls snoozed a little, but not for long when that wind hit, and we found a new park to go to in the summer. Definitely something to keep in mind when other parks are overcrowded.

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