Does my child have a 6th sense?

It’s been a few months since Emily’s granny passed away. Everyday Emily would see her granny and everyday their special little bond grew. Now that granny isn’t here, Emily being so young doesn’t understand where she’s gone, but recently, especially in the last few weeks, Emily has been pointing in various positions towards the dinning room or where granny used to sit. It used to be at night but now it’s anytime during the day and last Saturday it was upstairs. She babbled something, let out a scream then pointed, but even as I tried to calm her, she walked around me and pointed again, looking at me and shout-babbling at the side of the room trying to tell me something.

It’s odd, I couldn’t tell you what she’s pointing at and Sam and I have joked it could be her granny. Could it be? Emily isn’t scared, she isn’t frightened, she’s happy and almost comforted by whatever it is that’s there.

If it is Jane, then I’m happy. It means that Emily feels comforted and Jane’s looking after us, especially Emily. It’s a nice comfort to have that Emily can sense her granny even if she is too young to understand what happened. Emily will forever know who her granny was, she may be gone, but she’ll never be forgotten. Through Gene Pitney, her love of literature and quiz shows and of course her family.

Whatever Emily can sense, long may it continue.

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  1. Nadia Lusted says:

    I’m sure my son also sees things… He often looks at random things and smiles or laughs for no reason. I’ve also heard lots of white noise over his monitor at night then he’d wake up when it happens.


    1. I haven’t heard the white noise over the monitor but I have to say she takes a comfort in it so I’m happy if she is.


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