The heat in London was unbearable, heatstroke and tummy bugs were way worse

We were up in Isleworth last week and whilst we had lots of plans to see friends, unfortunately we couldn’t do as much as we wanted. Dear God the heat in London was unbearable. I mean, I’ve lived in London most of my life and have experienced that heat before but since I’ve moved down to the coast, the difference in temperature and what I like are two very different things. But that heat was disgustingly hot. Sticky, sweaty and just unbearable. Ok, granted the U.K. is currently in the midst of a huge heatwave and apparently it’s not over, but that heat took its toll on Emily and I and it wasn’t pleasant!

We arrived Saturday and saw friends not long after arriving in Isleworth. The tube was hot but bearable but the heat outside the underground was another level. Standing on the bus was bearable too. Sitting with friends watching the football was hot, playing in the playground was hot, it was all too hot but Sunday was another level of heat. Wow 30 degrees of blow-your-bloody-clothes-off heat. Claustrophobic is probably the best word to describe it. Urgh, gross! Whilst we all chugged down the water, Emily and Mya happily played in the garden and dipping often in the shell pool but with excessive water drinking cane lack of appetite and instant tiredness. What followed was a night of hell for Emily and I. Emily vomited a few times, sweating and clingy to my stomach bug of gross that consumed my aching body for a little over 24 hours. Because of this, seeing friends, one of whom is pregnant, was an immediate no and we both laid most of the time in bed feeling sorry for ourselves, snuggling and catching up on well-needed zzz’s.

We’re now back in Ramsgate and I’m thankful the weather is just a little cooler down here, even more thankful that yesterday it rained! Not that the humidity changed much but the air felt clearer and dam it it was nice!

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