Ramsgate needs more activities for children under 5 throughout the year

I said this before and I’ll say it again, there just isn’t enough activities for younger children in and around Ramsgate, thanet even, especially in the summer. This week kids across the country break up for the summer holidays. 6-7 weeks of children aged 4-16 off and parents frantically trying to figure out how to entertain them. Technically Sam and I don’t have a few years until we need to worry about sticking to set holiday periods to go on holidays abroad, entertaining our children here is difficult.

Ramsgate and Thanet has beautiful beaches and lots of land to explore with our children, but if you don’t drive or the heat is unbearable, entertaining them can be difficult. Unfortunately the inside spaces offering entertainment isn’t that great to start with even for the year. I’m not saying I want Emily indoors throughout the summer but there’s not much on offer to keep them amused in her age group. Little activities to keep her learning, exploring. Which as a working mum can be difficult to fit in around the working week. Without a car too, that limits us a lot.

At the beginning of the year, we went to a gardening morning with Emma and her two boys, Adam & Elliot, where kids of all ages learnt about soil, plants, wildlife and gardening. Granted, Emily and Adam weren’t one bit interested, being just a little too young, but it was great for the whole family. A few hours of fresh air, in our local park, free and educational.

There should be events all throughout the year to cater for all age groups. Yes there’s nursery throughout the year, but I want to do things with Emily, her dad does too. Something we all can get involved with that’s safe, fun and interesting.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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