Let’s hear it for the rain! *round of applause*

I’ve gotta say I never thought I’d say this but thank fuck for the rain. Every drop that pat pat patters on the roof, I’m loving every drop of it. The last few weeks whilst lovely, the sun has been ridiculously hot. So hot it’s almost felt like an oven cooking us with its intense heat.

Whoever said they hated rainy days clearly didn’t have a childhood spent enjoying the outside. They’re awesome and so welcoming when it’s just been a little too hot for us too cope. Emily has enjoyed the sun but the days when the heat was unbearable we’ve skipped meeting friends and stayed indoors. The rain is gloriously refreshing and everything is just a little bit calmer as the country rejoices that water has come to join us.

Although it’s predicted we’re to have more sun, this welcoming weather is just what the doctor ordered.

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