What are you doing this summer with your kids?

With the recent temperatures heating up the country making a plan for the summer holidays with Emily has been difficult. Ok so technically it’s not summer holidays for us as I work from home but it’s still the summer.

What have we got in store for Emily? Well we’re going to Bristol to visit family, a hot air balloon festival, the Sea Life Centre, the beach, days out, park dates, picnics, swimming and more. I want us to enjoy our time together because time just runs away far too quickly. Because let’s face it, yes she’s a toddler, a cool 19 months, but that time goes pretty damn fast and before we know it, she’ll be a teenager and Christ that thought scares me! Let’s face it, we only have 18 summers in total and last year she was small and now she’s a mobile toddler, I need to enjoy every moment before it’s too late!

I have 17 summers to really enjoy with her before she won’t probably want to anymore and that’s terrifying. 17 summers to explore, enjoy, spend together and I want to enjoy every moment no matter what. I want her to have the best time and live her life having this amazing ride. It doesn’t matter what it is or what the weather but I’m looking forward to it.

A summer of family, BBQ’s, dancing, singing, exploring, learning, train rides, hot air balloons, beaches, sea dips, swimming, eating, sending postcards, discovering, and more and I’m so excited.

What are you doing this summer with your kids?

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