What’s your child’s favourite book?

Emily is obsessed with books. She gets so excited when Sam and I read to her but she’ll happily read by herself if she wants. Funnily enough she’ll amuse herself with books that aren’t even for her age group, she likes to flick through the pages and point at the pictures muttering words to herself.

I love that she’s so into books, reading and learning. Her animals book has to come with noises, although I’m still at a loss as to how I should make a noise of a panda or koala, but it’s all so enjoyable for her. I love that she loves books. Coming from a family of book lovers who all love their different genres across the age groups, I’m really chuffed she’s so interested and has been for months now. It all started with daddy at 7 months that Emily thought this could lead to something.

She has so many books and currently her favourite is Rod Campbell’s The Zoo. I buy her a new book every fortnight. Usually Amazon has some great deals which I plug into and keep an eye on. Bonus that they’re all next day delivery too. I have another arriving today so who knows that might be her new favourite.

What’s your child’s favourite book?

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