Am I mad to be already thinking about Christmas? presents?

Don’t laugh, it’s true I’ve been thinking it. I know I shouldn’t and yes it’s only August but I’ve already bought 3 Christmas presents, 1 of which I bought 2 months ago. Thing is there are a lot of people to buy for and instead of leaving it all last minute like some, I think it’s good to keep an eye out and start planning.

I’ve got more organised over the years and most of everyone’s birthday presents were planned, decided upon and bought in advance. When I was pregnant with Emily I decided to buy all the Christmas presents in September and October so that I didn’t have to worry about doing Christmas shopping with a newborn. But the organised me has followed on and I still plan and buy in advance 20 months on. I use my Amazon Prime, eBay, other online outlets too to find the right gifts for each family member. Ok, so technically I’m terrible for not supporting the high street and yes I am guilty of not pouring more money into their trade but online usually is cheaper and if I can save money I’ll buy it online if I have to.

Have you thought about Christmas shopping yet?

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