I’m turning on my out of office for a few days, I need a break

Ok technically I’m turning off my work emails and not my blog or social because, well they’ll always be on, but it’s so good to be going away for a few days just to not worry or think about work.

We’re not going far away or to a tropical island but to the gorgeous town of Bristol to see Sam’s family. It’s totally needed and overdue to just get out of the area, see new sights, spend time with family and just switch off, kinda. Work has been mental the last few weeks and whilst I do thoroughly enjoy my work, sometimes a break is well needed. Sam’s been pulling in some mental hours too, to have a few days that’s not consumed by work, sounds like a dream.

Everyone needs a break from work, whatever they do. We all need one. Though some rarely use their holiday time to their advantage. I am self-employed taking time off means my benefits are different to the traditional employed folk, but whether your break is a vacation, a staycation, a playcation or something else, it’s important to take a break from your work. Break from the norm, the routine, the job that demands your attention like no other. It’s good for ourselves, our mentality, it keeps us on balance, stress free and healthy.

So I’m doing exactly that, a short weekend break away from the normal everyday stresses of my working life, turning that email to “back on Wednesday” and I’ll catch you later.

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