This year I cracked out something different for Sam’s Birthday

Sam is one of those people that when it comes to something he likes, he just buys it, no hesitation. Which mean when it comes to special celebrations like Father’s Day, Birthdays and Christmas, it can prove tricky finding something he likes, that he’ll wear or use, that he hasn’t got already.

So upon a thorough and slightly tiresome search across the Internet, Pinterest gave me the answers I needed and thought it was perfect. All hail this great idea. I don’t know who thought of it but it’s brilliant and I totally used this as inspiration for Sam’s Birthday.

It relates to satisfying all the senses – taste, touch, smell, sight and sound. Originally I was going to go down the route of wrapping everything in brown paper then putting them in brown paper bags but eBay deliveries were slow and Emily became fascinated with any which paper bag that was delivered on time. So that idea was quickly scrapped and I wrapped everything in normal happy birthday wrapping. Instead I tagged things as I thought that might be a little easier!

Craft wise, brown paper bags are pretty cheap to buy, I bought mine on eBay, plus gift wrap is cheap bought from The Card Factory, I wrote my own labels on the presents. and just needed cello tape and scissors. Gift wise you can pretty much spend a little or a lot, that depends on your own personal budget.

I wanted to give something a little different. Last year was a landmark birthday which took months to organise, prepare and achieve. This time I wanted to make his gifts a little more useful to him but also exciting. Using the 5 senses it meant I could customise his gifts. It didn’t take long to choose most of the gifts but I did start to struggle for 2 of the senses – taste and smell. As much as I love to bake, baking him brownies would probably get thrown out and he’s still got a full bottle of aftershave upstairs so that probably wouldn’t work either.

I decided the gifts I wanted, although I was still running around for last minute gifts the day before. It was easier to do a selection of little gifts rather than 1 big one. But he still got what he wanted with his main present.

It was great fun finding things he’d like. Gifts varied from a DVD he mentioned he loved, trainers he said he liked, music he’s loved since he was a teenager, a meal out just the three of us in Deal, plus a few other things.

Yesterday Sam was at work in the morning, so it gave me time to put up banners, blow up some balloons and make sure the house was tidy before his arrival. We weren’t going to be doing much to celebrate yesterday as football was on in the afternoon and I had a table booked for today for dinner at the Coach & Horses pub in Deal. A place that comes highly recommended by a lot of people on Facebook, thanks guys!

Luckily he liked all his gifts including the the Pulp lyric artwork. Yes! Here’s to another celebration today.

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