Weird habits I’ve gained since having Emily

There’s certainly some weird habits us women pick up when we’re pregnant but they get weirder once your child is born, something even 20 months on, I still do.

I wake in the middle of the night to double check she’s still breathing

It’s a habit I’ve had since we brought her home. I can’t help it. I have to hop over the baby gate, creep into her room at any point during the night, just to make sure she’s still alive. I sometimes even stare at her. I have no desire to stop.

I compare notes about baby poo with friends

We all do it, if you don’t, what kind of mother are you? I have random chats with friends about baby poo and this will probably continue until Emily starts school. I sort of obsess over it. When she was little I questioned how a child that small could poop that much and now fret if she’s not done it at all.

I have half of Tesco’s in my handbag at all times

Snacks? Check. Water? Check. Juice? Check. Ham sandwich? Check.

I’m the wipes queen

Someone once mentioned the importance of wipes and now I have so many wipes, I can not imagine a life without wipes, ever. I use wipes for everything and I mean everything – as napkins, make up remover, as a duster, to wipe, to clean, everything, Emily and house, me, people, public transport. I’m always with a wipe. I will never leave without wipes. I did it once, that was a dark day.

I talk to myself, I’m doing it now

I narrate everything. I seem to do it more now when Emily is asleep or I’m in public on the train or in Tesco without Emily. I’m not crazy, it’s easy to do it. I do it with Emily and without her.

Baby brain sticks

I had terrible baby brain when I was pregnant and it seems to have stuck. I have moments of madness, forgetfulness and so much more just randomly and it happens, often.

I sniff her bum, I cannot lie

It’s true. Even though technically you can usually smell what comes out of Emily so you don’t need to, but mums do it, I do it. Sniffing their baby’s bum to smell their rear.

I happily watch children programs even after Emily isn’t around

I will happily continue to watch Hey Duggee, Sarah & Duck and a few others without changing the channel. Pre-parenthood I swore to my sister I would never watch Mr Tumble, yet I do and sing with him, sign sometimes and take my finger and touch my nose.

I rock out to ridiculous music

If the stick song isn’t part of your playlist, then why not? Before parenthood, I listened to a huge list of music, now it’s a lot of the Sing soundtrack and the Stick song from Hey Duggee.

Tissues are nothing in comparison to wipes

Sam always asks for tissues when we’re out. No idea why his pockets can’t hold them but tissues aren’t wipes. End of story.

Bodily fluids no longer scare me

I must point out baby sick doesn’t faze me but if you barfed in front of me right now, I will probably throw up.

I cuddle a pillow at night

I still cuddle a pillow like I did when pregnant, don’t judge me.

Phantom kicks

I still get phantom kicks, it’s weird, but cool but still weird.

My bag is like a Mary Poppins bag

I have just so much stuff in my bag. I don’t have a nappy bag anymore, thankfully but my normal bag is filled with everything from medical supplies, snacks, nappies, wipes, books, toys, the odd teether, spare clothes, with a very small section for my wallet, lip balm, asthma pump and phone.

I Bust Out Animal Noises On the Regular

A few rounds of “Old McDonald” can cure pretty much anything—especially when you belt it out in the middle of a crowded restaurant. Hand gestures are required too, obviously.

Anything you do that you find odd or weird, would love to hear your thoughts.

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