Who knows what made Emily vomit as much as she did last night but…

Who knows what made Emily vomit as much as she did last night but Christ there was so much of it. Last night Emily woke as her dummy fell out, I was up anyway (it’s sort of stuck these 1-2am wake up calls), but she wanted cuddles and a bottle of milk so, a nappy change and a bottle later, the vomit of all vomit came and took over. Jeez I don’t even know where it came from, totally unexpected. Last nights dinner, a fish and chips treat, plus milk curdled and all filled my front room.

6 nappy changes, 3 packs of wipes, 2 bags, 2 cloths, half a bottle of bleach and a change of clothes for both of us, resulted in a 4am sit down desperately waiting for her blanket to finish washing then a blast of heating praying she’d wait and not throw up anymore for the new cleaner blanket without the sick and smell of curdled milk and fish. Omg it was too much. Usually I’m not one bit bothered by sick from her, but this was something else. It was just too much for both of us.

My poor bunny had nothing more to give by 6am every ounce of her being was out and although she was chirpy and the little bouncing ray of sunshine she always is, her little body couldn’t take anymore. We finally got upstairs and it happened again. Please let that be it now.

Today will be a day of cuddles and little else. If she wants to sleep, she can sleep, and I really hope that’s it, so she can sleep whatever that was off.

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