I’m already planning Emily’s birthday

I know it’s September and I know I have a few months to go, but preparation is needed for anything right? As Emily’s birthday falls on the first day of the Christmas month, it seems wise to start planning her birthday now, before time runs away. In over a week, it will be october, then we know how quick the weeks will fly from then.

Last year Emily had two celebrations, one a play date with friends and the other family and some friends together. This year we’re sticking to the one celebration with family and friends and hope she’ll enjoy the surprise of everyone being together.

I’ve already got a theme, decided on a venue, messaged those who’d we like to celebrate with us, bought some decorations and pinning ideas for party bags for the younger guests.

It may seem mad, but with Christmas and winter, the months fly and so do the increase on birthdays. Everyone seems to be autumn or winter babies!

It’s best to be prepared, right?!

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