Our trip to Bristol

It’s taken me ages to write this post but it’s not because I forgot, it was trying to find the time, I seem to have very little of time these days. A couple of months back, Sam, Emily and I went up to visit Sam’s brother and family for a long weekend. We had a few things in mind for the weekend, but unfortunately the horrible crappy weather, continuous rain and wind meant a few plans changed, including that of going to see The Bristol Hot Air Balloon.

Although plans had changed it didn’t stop us from having a good weekend with family and had lots of fun reminiscing, playing games, watching plays directed by Sam’s nieces, some lovely places to eat and being together as we spread the ashes of Sam’s beloved mum.

The weekend was a lovely affair. Emily thoroughly enjoyed her time with her cousins, and it was great to be somewhere different to life by the seaside. We ate in some lovely places, enjoyed the company of many and even though our journey to Bristol was a slightly hectic one, it didn’t dampen the weekend.

Bristol has a lot of great things to do for all the family. For the record this isn’t the first time we have travelled to Bristol. Sam and I had been up before when I was pregnant but the journey back was a nightmare. The journey up this time was testing for all of us and nearly made us miss our train, the cramped seat space and not being able to sit next to Sam without some form of persuasion with other travellers, but overall a bit of a nightmare and still something that makes me wonder, why does public transport just turn a bit shit when kids go on summer holidays, or any holiday for that matter?

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, travelling to Bristol with a small child has its pro’s and con’s, the journey time, thankfully usually being in your advantage, but the trains are nothing like our South Eastern spacious trains. Maybe something they could improve on, who knows?

We are lots of great food, drank some lovely wine, ate a horrible dinner at our hotel and made some good memories. All part of a good weekend away, hopefully next time we go it will be by car and be able to see some proper hot air balloons.

Here’s to next year!

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