Is anyone else’s child obsessed with ice as much as mine?

It’s a common known fact Emily is going through some absolute shit with her teeth at the moment. Whilst those last pesky feckers claw their way through her sore swollen gums, trying to find any form of natural or medicated remedy to help combat the pain has been tricky. I’ve tried it all folks, it just seems my darling little girl suffers with it a lot more than most of my friend’s children.

But ice, ice, that stuff makes her go wild. The wet cold frozen cubes often used to cool drinks have helped her gums as she’s gnawed on each cube taking such pleasure from the relief. The same goes for ice cream. She just loves the stuff.

Thankfully I do limit how much she has otherwise she’d seriously have some tummy problems, but if there’s an ice cream going, she wants it. The creamy texture, intense flavours and lots of colours spark some glowing interest and she devours every bite. Her favourite ice cream is without s doubt mint choc chip, which is bizarre considering that was one of my cravings when I was pregnant.

My only downside to ice cream is the amount of sugar found in most products. Blended frozen banana works well as ice cream, with a nice flavour and texture that’s almost identical to ice cream. Adding nuts or cocoa powder, throws the taste of bananas off which might work to get Emily to eat more fruit.

What’s your favourite ice cream?

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