Emily’s having her settling in session this week

Emily is starting nursery next week and although Sam and I are excited for her and know it’s a good thing, we’re also baffled at how fast she’s growing up into this amazing independent, confident, funny and intelligent girl. It’s scary.

Next Thursday the 11th October, Emily will start a short day, one day a week. The very thought of it for me is terrifying. Stop growing up my baby girl. Since she was born, she’s been with me all the time and apart from a few hours with a friend whilst I do driving lessons or with Sam in the evening, she’s not been apart from me for a whole 6 hours during the day. But, it’s a good thing. Working from home, Emily is with me all the time and while I do go out with her almost every day and we play games, have fun and spend all our time together, one of my biggest fears is that she’s not getting enough social interaction with other children her own age.

Playing with other children, singing songs, doing arts and crafts will have a positive effect on her talking. Currently she says a few words and a few she copies from us (eek!), but mostly her interest in words really only happen around other older children like her cousins. She loves books being read to her, joining in on the interaction of it all which, alongside her love of songs, will improve her speech and vocabulary. She likes puzzles, arts and crafts and playtime, like many other children it’s an absolute all time favourite. Any outside activity including gardening and water related makes her happy and will have a huge positive impact on her development skills.

Emily’s first settling in session was yesterday, her second today and third tomorrow. Whilst I watch my little girl with so little interest in me as she runs off with her new friends playing games, I’m excited for what’s to come but amazed at how quickly this last year has flown and how much she has accomplished.

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