Mummy’s little assistant

Working from home sure does have its benefits. Being a stay-at-home-mum-to-one whilst working means that I get to spend my day with my little assistant, mummy’s little helper. Whilst she’s not the most helpful when I’m doing work trying to overtake my iPad or iPhone, she likes to help me in other departments and I love it, I really do.

Now that she’s starting nursery in a few days, my little assistant will be learning and developing her verbal skills. Last week in her settling in sessions, we spent time with the other children in her class and some spoke a few words, others not so much, but Emily will be picking up on these and although exciting, it’s a little scary too.

My little girl who loves to copy me with a notebook, pretend she’s on her mobile phone, or drawing or colouring her books, will be learning so much more in nursery. It’s exciting. Time is flying and her interaction won’t be so much just with her family and close friends but other children her age, which means better social skills. She’ll always be my little assistant and the other 6 full days that she’ll be at home with me, she’ll have plenty of time to continue being my assistant.

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