Fruity, Chewy and fun, Bassetts Vitamins are great for all the family.

This last year has seen Emily sick a number of times, Sam once and myself about that too. Now that we’re coming into the colder months, when one runny nose or cough starts to finally wind down, the next one pops up and voila, the cycle starts again. Just last week, a few friends and their little ones were going through some nightmare times as they fought off bugs, infections and colds.

In winter, viruses and bacteria spread like wildfire. Like any public environment, our immune systems are put to the test, your health is put on a back burner and getting back to fighting fit, can sometimes feel like a huge struggle as the cycle just continuously repeats.

Whilst our little ones are ill, this time of the year can prove difficult getting out into the fresh air, but when the opportunity arises, with the sun shining and wrapped up in warm winter coats, we’ll do exactly that. Thankfully the weather isn’t too cold to be enjoying the sun with a warm winter coat, but it’s always a precaution especially living by the seaside!

A few months ago, Sam and I were looking at vitamins that delivered a healthy dose we needed to keep us fit and strong. As Sam has started taking Cod Liver Oil for many benefits, I’ve been looking at ways to take vitamins that are fun for all the family. That’s why I was really excited to discover the new flavours of vitamins from Bassetts. Although Emily is too young to take these chewy sweet-like tablets, they are a fun way to start the morning feeling like you’re cheekily having a sweet with your cuppa and a slice of buttery marmite toast.

I received a few sample packets for ages 3-6, 7-11 and adults and thought I’d gather some friends and their children to try out the tasty vitamins and get their views. Besides, eating vitamins usually don’t come with the fun label, so this should provoke some interest. Here’s what I found.

Amber, aged 6

Likes: unicorns, drawing, playing with slime and sweets.

Dislikes: spiders.

Finely, aged 5

Likes: dinosaurs, playing with cars and going to the park.

Dislikes: spiders.

Sister and brother Amber and Finley loved these chewy vitamins and likened them to eating sweets which is the best thing in the morning for any child. They both enjoyed the taste and said they wanted more. They tried Bassetts Multivitamins with Omega 3 Blackcurrant & Apple flavour. These tasty vitamins support healthy eyes, healthy teeth, reduce tiredness & fatigue, helps support normal mental performance and helps support the immune system amongst other great benefits.

Bradley, aged 11

Likes: Arsenal, brownies and football.

Dislikes: the cold.

Bradley liked these raspberry multivitamins for 7-11. These have No added sugar; Natural flavours; Natural colours and helps keeps energy levels up which are a huge bonus especially when Bradley spends a lot of time running around a football pitch in his football training. These were a huge hit and they’ve been added to mum Jo’s shopping list.

Jo, aged 30-something

Likes: Spain, her dogs Basil & Betsy and brownies.

Dislikes: the cold weather.

Both Jo and her son Bradley liked these. Liked their chewy texture and bursts of fruit flavour in each chew.

Me, aged 30-something

Likes: tea, cheesecake and Emily’s giggles.

Dislikes: spiders, snakes and heights.

I tasted them myself and do like them, although the first chew provoked some interesting facial expressions. They’re fruity and sweet, and also convenient – I don’t need to drag a bottle of water around to swallow them which you get with most tablets.

It’s good to know there’s an alternative to the usual bulkier type of vitamins for all ages available, that are soft, chewy and release the goodness that our bodies need. Amber and Finley said it was like eating sweets and wanted to eat more than ones breakfast. The flavours work for too, containing just natural flavours and colours wi5 no added sugar.

It’s no surprise that parents all over love these because of their nutrients. Having the taste factor makes a huge difference and it’s good to know even us older folks get the choice too as most vitamins unfortunately miss out on that advantage. Bassetts vitamins come in a host of flavours and provide Omega-3, vitamin b5 and vitamin b6 which is especially important in these colder months. Their children’s range are tailored especially to support children’s ongoing growth, development and mental performance.

Make sure you head to Tesco to buy these yummy supplements as all Bassetts multivitamins are on offer. Buy any 3 for 2 with the cheapest product free. Discover more about Bassetts vitamins on their website here. I hope you enjoy them as much as us.

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